The #1 Income Stream You SHOULD Be Focused On Daily! Identify Your’s With These 3 Questions!

So upon which income stream should you be focused in taking massive action on? We’re always talking about multiple streams of income, but which is the number one that you should be focused on daily?

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There are three questions for you to answer which will hit the jackpot. Answering these three questions will let you know which income stream is the most important. This will turn into huge amounts of success for you and inspire you to take massive action.

Before I reveal this amazing art, I know that a lot of us start with Amazon or Shopify or any other type of online or offline business. Sometimes it happens that it’s just a gateway for us to get to this point, where we can then focus on taking massive action on that number one income stream that you should be focusing on.

I don’t want you to use this video to say you should quit what you’re doing right now. I just want you to have an open mind on allocating your time on a daily basis to this income stream.

What is it?

We have three categories, and if the answer to all of them is yes, then that leaves us with your number one income stream!

The first thing you need to answer is...

What do you love to do?

This is your passion, what do you actually love to do? This could be anything. It could be playing football; that would be a yes. Would it ultimately turn out to be your number one income stream? Maybe not, because it’s highly unlikely you’d become a footballer. That’s not to say you can’t, but ask yourself what you love to do. Are you a designer? A creative? Are you a people person? What do you love? It could be that you love Amazon businesses, which would be easy...

What can you be great at?

This is something that you have the potential to be great at. This is something you have to answer for yourself. Of all the things you love to do, can you be great at any of them? I love to play football, but can I be great at it? Probably not at the level that I’m going to make some money from it. It could be creativity, designing, blogging, anything. What do you love to do and what can you be great at?

What does the world need?

Think about it. what do you love to do, what can you be great at and what does the world need? If you get an answer that is a yes to all three, that is what you should be focused on day in day out, taking massive action on. I don’t know what that is for you.

This is what I love to do...

I love for me to help you on your path, inspiring you to take massive action. I get excited and I’m driven by you taking massive action. There’s no greater passion for me than inspiring others. I love that.

Can I be great at it?

Well, look back at my older videos; I didn’t start off that great. Some people would probably say that I sucked at the beginning, but I’m sticking at it. I’m trying to become great at it so people are inspired to take action.

Does the world need this?

Does the world need me to inspire them to take action? I would say yes. I think there’s a lot of people out there that want to take action but are maybe being held back.

So what is the number one income stream that you should be focused on?

Ask yourself these questions. Then you will have your answer. Then it gets exciting because whatever that turns out to be, that is something that you can focus on with confidence. You may keep doing other things for the income, and it’s okay if you don’t love them, as long as they’re a gateway to the answer to those three simple questions.

Have you realised your number one stream of income? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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