My 2017 Business & Personal Performance Report: Process Numbers Revealed

Hello and welcome to my first yearly performance and goals report. We have now come to the end of 2017 and I feel it is important to be honest with myself and see what goals were achieved and what goals were not. I have already completed a Year In Review but the goal here is to understand clearly the numbers achieved within the business, number of goal successes, the number of canceled goals and the number of unsuccessful goals. This way you will be able to ensure you are aware what you fell short on to make an adjustment for the new year. 


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Here Is My 2017 Performance: 

Online Arbitrage Business

Units Sold: 56,690

Prep Service Business

Customers Served: 11

Life Success Engineer

Videos Published: 528

YouTube Views: 74,623 

YouTube Minutes Watched: 287,810

YouTube Subscribers: 1051

Blog Posts Published: 224

Blog Visitors: 9,122

Blog Sessions: 11,458

Blog Pages Viewed: 22,048

Email List: 235

2017 Personal Performance

Goals Set: 80

Goals Achieved: 55

Goals Not Achieved: 13

Goals Cancelled: 12

Goals Added: 15

So, what was your 2017 Performance? Take Time To Check In For Yourself. 

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