My 2017 Year In Review: 5 Top Lessons & 5 Major Successes

Hello and welcome to my 2017 Year In Review Report where we have come to the end of another year that has brought to us so much. We have experienced successes and failures but now is the time to reflect and review. We need to ask ourselves some powerful questions to make the most of our time. Below are just some we will explore in this 2017 year in review. 

  • What Goals Have Been Achieved?
  • What Progress Has Been Made?
  • What Failures & Challenges Were Experienced?
  • What Lessons Have Been Learned?
  • What Are Our Visions & Aspirations For The Future Now?
  • Who Do We Want To Become?

Below is the Year In Review Process I Am Following This Year:


As explained in the video above, the two parts that will make up my Year In Review is as follows: 

Part 1 - My Top 5 Lessons Of 2017.

I will first share the biggest lessons I have learned about the goals I set for myself and the challenges I experienced.

Part 2 - My 5 Major Successes & Magic Moment Stacking Of 2017.

I will then share my major success and do some magic moment stacking of my life in 2017. The reason will be to build that momentum into 2018.

Part 1 - My Top 5 Lessons In 2017 

  1. Success Takes Time: Always Think Long Term, Work On The One Thing At A Time & Focus On The Process.
  2. System Building & Team Empowerment Creates Freedom & Increases Potential Level Of Success.
  3. Business Diversity Is Key & Creation Of Services & Products Can Happen From Nothing. 
  4. Fast Lanes & Slow Lanes In Business: Start With Your Chosen Opportunity & Have Awareness Of Return Vs Energy Consumed. 
  5. Personal Growth Never Stops & You Should Experiment With Yourself. Daily Rituals Conditions Mind, Builds Momentum & Allows You To Embrace Failure.  

Part 2 - My 5 Major Successes 

  1. Dream Came True With Freedom. Travelled to Paris, Majorca, Rome & Bruges Within 12 Months Plus Small Trips In Between.
  2. Worked On My Passion & Experienced x10 Growth.
  3. Best Year In Business Ever. Best Year, Best Month, Best Week, & Best Days. 
  4. Invested In Personal Development & Self Improvement To Another Level. 
  5. The People Closest To Me In Life Are Getting Great Results & Feeling Inspired. 

Ask yourself the question, how has your year been?

Comment below and let me know 🙂

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