My Tough Humans 3 Day Juice Fasting Experience!

Juice Fasting is a part of my 2017 Goals & Resolutions and I had decided I was going to experience a 3-day juice fast in February 2017.  The timing is great just after the Tough Guy Challenge as I continue to challenge my body and health in 2017.

My good friend Silvia from Tough Humans has just released a FREE 3 Day Juice Fast on her blog so I thought why not give it a go! 

=> Click Here To Check Out The Tough Human 3 Day Juice Fast Challenge

Some Juice Fasting Benefits

  • Give your digestive system a rest so that it can repair and heal. 
  • Fasting is a fast and easy way to lose weight. 
  • Fasting improves your immune system.
  • Break the cycle of being addicted to eating. Take back control.
  • Fasting will give your liver a chance to rest.
  • It provides superior nutrition for your body. You’ll feel better, have more energy and you will be flooded with super nutrition if you are on a juice fast. 


The videos below show my summary of my Tough Humans 3-day Juice Fast Experience and I have recorded my progress through the journey. 

Do you or have you done any juice fasting? Comment below and let me know what you think about Juice Fasting 🙂 

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