4 Phases To Life Transformation: 0 To 1 million In 2 Years | Success In Personal Development | Ep 09

Welcome to my Success in Personal Development series! My journey so far has seen me go from zero to over a million dollars worth of physical products selling online. I've also started a brand from nothing, now I've sold over thousands and thousands of pounds worth of products and services through my own personal brand. How has my life transformed this way? I want to share with you the 4 phases of life transformation.

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This is a concept I've just started to develop, and I want to show you how you can completely transform your life from wherever you are to the success that you want!

The 4 Phases of Life Transformation

Phase 1: Awareness and Responsibility

This is something you have to go through. Everybody who has ever been successful have gone through this phase.

It's one of the most critical things that you can become in your life - aware and take responsibility. Become aware of the situation you find yourself in.

That's what I did. I became aware that I was in the rat race, I became aware that I put on 16 stone of weight.

Become aware of the situation you are in, and then take responsibility of that situation. If you're overweight, take responsibility for that. If you’ve got no money, you've got to take responsibility for that. If you are failing in your business, you have to take responsibility for that.

If you fundamentally want to make changes in your life, you need to take responsibility. The past has made you the person you are today, so take responsibility for that. It is going to be hard, you will feel emotional and physical pain and that is good.

Phase 2: Structure and Clarity

Once you've become aware and responsible for the situation you find yourself in, you then need to develop structure and clarity.

You need to build a structure, a framework, a blueprint for your life.

Develop a structure around your life and you are in control. Don't allow your past self to go out of control. If you're spending too much money, you need structure. If you're eating too much, you need structure. This is so important.

I am developing a life success structure right now for all areas of my life. I work on 7 areas of my life at the moment, but I'm really trying to define the 7 areas, and it's going to expand as I build on it because I'm starting to get clarity on my structures.

You need clarity on what you actually want in your life. Once you become clear, the next two phases will completely transform your life because you know what you want and you know what you have to do. It's so important to get that structure set in your life first!

Structure and clarity is so powerful, you will be on your way to taking massive action in your life.

Phase 3: Action and Productivity

Taking massive action is the difference between where you are right now and success, because the reality is, there is a gap between where you are and what you want. You need to fill in that gap with massive action.

We all take action at different places, at different speeds, at different times, and this is where productivity comes in. if you can maximise your productivity and take ten steps forward when somebody else is only taking three steps forward, you are going to accelerate your life transformation massively.

This is something I'm really focusing on in my life all the time because taking massive action is the difference between success and not. It's the difference between talking about success and actually living success.

Phase 4: Conditioning and Momentum

You've got to condition all the phases. You have to keep taking action to build momentum to keep going. Once you build that momentum, there is no stopping you. Once you start putting the work in and seeing results, there is no stopping. You have to keep building the momentum up.

Condition your momentum through personal development, coaching, going through to training programs and seminars and modelling successful people. This is a never ending process.

These are the 4 phases of life transformation! This is what I believe has helped me get to where I am today, and I am constantly working on in my life! Let me know what you think about this framework and if it would apply to your life!

Would you apply this framework to your life? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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