Affiliate Disclosure

Hello, it's Kev.

I have always been up front, transparent, and honest. I will only ever speak my honest truth and give you the opinions from myself. These opinions are never biased, only based on my own personal experience with a product or service.

I want to highlight and explain the term “affiliate link(s)”. These links can be found on any site that I own. What this means is when I promote or advertise a product or service which has a link, the company in question will send me a commission if you decide to purchase the product or service. This commission does not come from you, it is paid from the company in question.

My number 1 goal and purpose is provide massive value in all my of content. I have been publishing content for a long period of time and have a number of platforms from blogging, YouTube channel to online training programs. Due to having so much content, it is impossible for me to highlight every single affiliate link so I want you to assume all links are affiliate links.

As you are a follower of mine, you will know that I believe in taking massive action towards your goals and the lifestyle we all desire. In my journey, I have purchased and tried many different products and services to which I only ever discuss and share the best. I would never promote anything that has given me a negative effect, this makes no sense and directly goes against my beliefs. 

If you have any questions about how I use affiliate links, please do not hesitate to contact me here:

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