Amazon Suspensions! 5 Major & 5 Minor Reasons For Account Suspensions & How To Prevent Suggestions?

This is Kev from, and I've been an Amazon seller since June 2015. I now have multiple accounts on Amazon, and it is one of my main priorities as a business owner to ensure that my business complies with Amazon's regulations. This blog will detail Amazon suspensions and why they may occur.

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As Amazon sellers, we have to make sure that we maintain a relationship with Amazon and keep our account healthy to prevent any unwanted suspensions.

I've taken some time today to go over the 10 top reasons you'll get your Amazon account suspended! I've split it up into 5 major and 5 minor reasons, and what you can do to prevent them.


  1. Having available or selling restricted products

I have first-hand experience of this, and is one of the reasons why I had an Amazon account suspended for 36 hours.

I had a restricted product within my inventory that wasn't for sale, but it was on my inventory list that had a substance in it that was restricted.

This is a major reason why you will be suspended. If Amazon have restricted any product and you make them available, they will without a doubt swiftly suspend you.

I now have systems in place to make sure we monitor those performance notifications every single day. This is a KPI that I have my team manager look at and report back to me every single day.

I also have a do-not-buy list now, which is automatically formatted in our buy list to highlight any ASINs that are within that list.

Another thing you can do is you can go into your inventory list and go through the history of your products and start archiving and deleting some of the things you may not have used for a long time.

We all have products we may have sold six months ago or a year ago. If they become restricted, Amazon should inform you of that, but if you can be more proactive with it and get them archived before it even gets to that stage, that will help you avoid this scenario.

  1. Inauthentic or counterfeit products

If you are deliberately selling something that is not authentic or counterfeit, you could argue that you deserve to be suspended.

There are millions of websites and millions of products available, and there are some products that are counterfeit and as a reseller, if you find a product that is a tenth of the normal price, you want to think about why that might be.

What I do in my business to prevent myself from this is I use trusted sources and retailers that we all know. In my business, if we go to a brand new store, we have an approval process. If it's the first time we have purchased from that particular store, it will be verified and approved.

We always look to use trusted retailers and we will definitely analyse and monitor the retailer to make sure. We also keep all the invoices and purchase receipts as evidence of actual documentation you have purchased the product.

When it gets into the warehouse, I recommend getting multiple layers of protection in, which will allow multiple eyes to go through the process.

  1. Rights Owner Notice Complaint

This is when you are on a listing and that product is owned by someone else There are so many products like this where it has been copyrighted. If you try and sell that product, that owner could either message you directly to let you know you shouldn't be on that listing, or they could go directly to Amazon and put a complaint in against you.

It's important to put systems in place to prevent this from happening. A couple of things I do is if it is a private label product with there being only one seller selling products with the same name, I would be cautious with proceeding as it may be a rights owner. I would rather message the seller instead of going with it and getting a complaint against me.

You can also look to see if there are any legitimate trademarks. It's quite time consuming and I wouldn't recommend doing for every single product, but it's something to be aware of.

  1. Account detail changes

If you change any details on your seller account like major details such as bank account details, Amazon will suspend you. They will suspend you to verify that documentation once more, which is a positive and negative because if somebody got into your account and changed the banking details, you would want that to be suspended and verified. But at the same time, if you weren't aware of this and you change it, you could get yourself suspended.

In 2015, I moved from a sole trader account to a business limited account and Amazon suspended us because we needed them to verify all the business documentation.

If you're looking to change something in terms of your account, always try to be proactive with this. Get all the information you require, make sure you have all the information Amazon requires, and then you'll be prepared.

  1. Multiple seller accounts

It is against Amazon's policies to create multiple accounts. You do not want to be creating different accounts selling different products thinking you were creating multiple streams of income because that will get you suspended.

That's not to say you can't have multiple accounts, but you need to have that approval from Amazon first. So I have two accounts, and I had approval from the Amazon seller performance team to have a second account. I have that notification saved everywhere just in case Amazon suspend me for having two accounts.

Be proactive and contact support to get all the information you need in proceeding with creating multiple accounts. 


  1. Product condition doesn't match

If you get any customers contacting you saying the product doesn't match what was advertised, you immediately want to dig into that and get to the root cause.

You can have multiple layers of protection, always making sure the product condition matches, and making sure you have verification checks throughout your business.

  1. Product not as described

Sometimes we will have different variations of a product, and a customer may complain that the product is not as described.

This is something that you need to be aware of, and if this happens on a regular basis, Amazon will intervene. If you continuously have problems with your products or returns, and if you go under the Concessions Report and see all of these issues, Amazon will suspend your account.

  1. Negative feedback

Obviously as a seller, you need to monitor the feedback you're getting from customers. If you get a significant amount of negative feedback and it brings your percentage down, Amazon will intervene.

Your performance will need to be up, so always action your negative feedback. By making sure all of the above issues don't happen, this will have an effect on your positive feedback.

I have a KPI in my business where my manager will report back to me on a daily basis giving me statuses of the business, and one of them is checking for negative feedback and how we're going to action it.

  1. Shipment weight

If you have a prep service, they should take care of this. If you're controlling your own operations from home or from a warehouse, you want to make sure you don't go over that 30kg mark. If it goes over 15kg, it is considered a heavy product, and if it goes over 30kg, Amazon will tell you to make that shipment lighter per box.

This is very important because when I first started in 2015, we were piling in the products, and some of the boxes must have gone up to 50kg, and we got a message from Amazon that told us to get our weight in check immediately or they would prevent us from shipping.

  1. Customer messages response time

Amazon give you 24 hours to respond. You want to make sure you have none going over the time limit, but if you have one or two, they aren't going to be super strict on you and start suspending your account. That being said, don't chance it. Try to always respond in time.

If you start getting flagged up on this, Amazon will take the action to look to suspend you. I also have a KPI in place for this, as it's important for somebody in your team to monitor the average response time.

These have been the ten major and minor reasons for Amazon suspensions. Ultimately, none of us want to get suspended so we have to make sure we put in as many automated systems in place as possible to prevent human errors.

The problem is that all of these reasons are due to human error, and this is why I emphasise the need for multiple layers of protection. This is why we should have multiple sets of eyes checking these things over!

There are services out there like SellerExpress and FeedbackExpress from the RepricerExpress team that will let you know if there's been negative feedback. Whatever you can do to prevent these things is always best!

I hope this has been worthwhile! If you got to this point, please leave me some feedback! Leave me any questions you may have about Amazon and I'll try to get in touch as soon as possible. I wish you the best of luck with your Amazon account!

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