How These Online Arbitrage Business Spreadsheets Could Help You Be Even More Successful On Amazon FBA?

The most successful Online Arbitrage sellers have systems for sourcing and shipping profitable products on a daily basis BUT they also have effective management systems to monitor, control and grow their businesses over the long term. In this article, it will show demos to 6 spreadsheets that will give you multiple ideas on how to manage every aspect of your Online Arbitrage Business!


There are many pieces to the online arbitrage puzzle that will have an impact whether you have a successful business or not. The Ultimate Guide To Starting Your Online Arbitrage Business and The Ultimate Guide To Scaling, Outsourcing, And Automating Your Online Arbitrage are two resources that will share how each pieces fit together but they both have something in common: spreadsheets. Spreadsheets within Online Arbitrage allow us to ensure the products we sell are profitable but also we can use them as a tool to grow and expand our businesses.  These are the foundations that allow to to manage all our accounting but also bring in team members to manage different stages within the Online Arbitrage System.

The Online Arbitrage System

The Online Arbitrage business model is a system. The system can be split into multiple stages allow us to manage each aspect of the system perfecting and streamlining the whole process together. Below are the 6 major system stages that can be introduced into spreadsheets:

1. Purchasing & Business Performance Overview
2. Sourcing Management
3. Pre-Purchase & Out Of Stock
4. Replenishing Management
5. Financial Management
6. Inventory Health Management

Giving Yourself A Chance To Succeed In Business

Online Arbitrage is a numbers business. Get your numbers right and you will be halfway there. Get your numbers wrong and you will not last long. Business Insider stated 82% of businesses experience cash flow problems, which rings true within Online Arbitrage which is a cash flow business. Using these spreadsheets allow you to set up the systems to ensure you are clear on your numbers. 

Pro's & Con's Of Google Sheets Vs Excel​​​​

Once you begin using the spreadsheets, you need to decide what you are using. Within this article and demos, it will show all spreadsheets using Google Sheets and below are just some of the Pro's & Con's of Google Sheets:




Lower Processing Power

Access Control

Limited formulas

Version Management

Limited Custom Options

Afraid Of Spreadsheets? Fear Not, Laugh Instead

Some people have fears of working with spreadsheets. Maybe they seem complicated with functions and formulas but fear not, this article shares full demos how everything comes together and if in need, there are so many resources that help with excel available online today E.g. Learn Excel In 30 Minutes.

The Purchasing & Business Overview Performance sheet is the most important spreadsheet you will have in your Online Arbitrage business. This is the sheet that will record everything you will need to manage your business accounting. The following information will be on your main master Purchasing & Business Overview Performance:

  • All referenced purchased products.
  • All details related to all purchased products.
  • All dates of transactions.
  • Which purchasing cards were used for transactions.
  • Cash availability across all your purchasing cards. 
  • All expenses recorded throughout the month.
  • Overview performance indicators.
  • And much more. 

Learn more about the Purchasing & Business Performance Overview within the first demo by clicking here.

The Sourcing Management sheet allows you to manage your Virtual Assistant and ensure they are meeting the target you set for them. The following information will be on your Sourcing Management sheet that will share all the data you need about your Virtual assistant:

  • Total sourced products. 
  • The targets you set for the month.  
  • How many winners are found?
  • How many losers are found?
  • How many new winners are found? 
  • How many repeat winners are found? 
  • Whether your assistant is on schedule.
  • And much more. 

Learn more about the Sourcing Management within the second demo by clicking here.

The Pre-Purchase & Out Of Stock sheet allows you to manage the stage between sourcing and purchasing. Once the Online Arbitrage operations grow too big for one assistant to purchase, you need to begin to recruit more members into your team. Click here to learn more about growing your team. The following information will be on your Pre-Purchase & Out Of Stock sheet:

  • The winning products not purchased yet.
  • The winning products currently out of stock. 
  • And much more. 

Learn more about the Pre-Purchase & Out Of Stock Management within the third demo by clicking here.

The Replenishing Management sheet allows you to manage one of the most important sections of your Online Arbitrage business which is replenishment. This spreadsheet allows you to ensure you consistent grow by keeping your current inventory in stock. The following information will be on your Replenishing Management sheet:

  • The products that is running low on stock. 
  • The products that do not need to be restocked. 
  • And much more. 

Learn more about the Replenishing Management within the fourth demo by clicking here. 

The Financial Management sheet is all about your financial performance and therefore it is the success and failure of your business. It's a great sheet that only needs to be maintained once a week and everything you need to know about your business will be made clearer. The following information will be on your Financial Management sheet:

  • The sales made across all channels.
  • The purchases made throughout the month.
  • The profit or loss made by the business.  
  • And much more. 

Learn more about the Financial Management within the fifth demo by clicking here. 

The Inventory Health Management sheet allows you to control the inventory age of all your products. This is a vital aspect of your business as you do not want long term storage fees from Amazon. This sheet allows you to action all the aged products prior to being charged. The following information will be on your Inventory Health Management sheet:

  • The age of all your products.
  • The products that need actioning over 90 days. 
  • The products you sell after actions are set. 
  • And much more. 

Learn more about the Inventory Health Management within the third demo by clicking here.


To summarise, you should begin taking action on looking at all the demos and creating the sheets you find useful in your own business. 

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