Announcing A NEW & DIFFERENT Life Success Vision: 4 Things I’ve Learned About Success (Part 1)

It was the 21st of November 2014 when I graduated with a First Class Degree in electrical engineering. It was three years ago, and at the time I thought I had just achieved the pinnacle of what I believed was success. I thought my life was set. Within a year, I quit my job after six months of being involved in online arbitrage. I thought I’d made it, but that was just the beginning. I started this Amazon business, and now I’m here talking to you, three years later, so I thought I’d share what my vision has become now!

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We’re always being told that we need to have a vision, so I thought I’d share my vision and the process that I’ve had to go through to formulate my vision. In 2014, I thought I was educated, but I learned since that when you go into business and find yourself around other online business people, that my education had just started.

Fast forward to today, I’m talking to you from my own warehouse, talking to you through this brand I’ve created from my Youtube channel. I’ve been working with my coach for the last six months to work out exactly what my long term vision is.

I think everybody’s vision is going to be different, and there’s no right or wrong; you just have to decide you’re going to do it!

You have to go for whatever drives and motivates you. All we are doing is working towards success, and there are four things that I’ve narrowed my vision to.

You’ve got to want to improve yourself

You’ve got to learn, because all of a sudden you get thrown into this online business world and everything is foreign. So you must have the drive to learn and improve; then you must have the drive to take action on it. This is the biggest lesson I’ve learned; that the lesson is never over.

You’ve got to have a vision

Whatever vision you have for your business, your health and fitness, your relationships, you’ve got to have some type of vision.

You’ve got to surround yourself with the right people

Unfortunately for some of us, we don’t have the right people in our lives. There is always going to be negative people, but there are pockets of people, either online or in your physical life, that you can seek out who are going to be supportive of your visions, goals and targets. You seek out the people who have a vision of their own that is congruent of yours. You can lift each other up, mastermind and hold each other accountable, in order to grow together.

 It’s a sad reality that sometimes you will have to distance yourself from people who are negative about your vision and can pull you back down. If you’ve got a goal, you need people who are going to prop you up rather than bring you down!

It’s in our nature to want to discuss what we’re doing and how we can improve, but this is not possible with negative people. The accountability that you get from likeminded people is so valuable, because they’re there to lift you up and help you through challenges that you face.

You’ve got to have a strategy

You have to have a plan for the learning process. There’s no magic pill or get rich quick scheme. What you can do, however, is find someone who has, or is working towards, what you want, get their mentorship and find out how they did it. Books play a massive part in this. Books share how successful people have been successful, or share their stories of failure.

Having this vision will get you halfway there!

Obviously you need to take action, and you will learn a lot about yourself from that point. When you start trying on this journey, you will learn a lot about your comfort zone and how hard you’re willing to push.

If I was to go back to the beginning of my online business journey and talk to myself then, knowing what I know now, I could radically accelerate that progress. I’ve eliminated things that don’t work and put energy into what does work. One thing I would say to myself back then would be “Do it immediately.”

Massive vision

I believe you have to have a massive vision. There is no aiming too high. If you want to be a billionaire, great! You want to put people on Mars? Amazing!

My compelling vision

What I have discovered is that when somebody wants guidance to get ahead, what tends to happen is you have to pay, pay for this, that and the other... So I wanted to change all that. I spoke to my coach and the one thing I said to her was, “I want to create something that’s an all in one, forever.” I want to pass the motivation I have discovered for myself, the conditioning that I’ve done, the knowledge that I’ve gained, and share it with people.

So a couple of weeks ago I shared a video on the number one income stream that you should be focused on...

Join me in part two in the coming days!

Are you ready to commit to your vision? Let me know in the comments and keep taking massive action! 🙂

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