Can You Get Rich Quick? The Philosophy To Becoming Wealthy 💰 Success In Entrepreneurship 👔 Ep 11

Welcome to my Success in Entrepreneurship series!  I wanted to take a moment to address the whole philosophy of getting rich quick.

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Is it possible to get rich quick?

The truth and my philosophy is that it is based on the person you become on your road to success.

As you start your business and as you begin to experience challenges, setbacks and failures, it is the person that that makes of you that determines long-term financial wealth.

I am currently in Mallorca and am with a multimillionaire family, and they have been successful for over 40 years. They did not get rich quick. They have taken huge amounts of action and it is the people they have become which has really determined the wealth they have been able to build.

Some people get sold upon the next best thing - read: shiny object syndrome - and one of the main reasons for my beliefs is that you've got to master the process.

If you master the process on making sure the things and actions you can control - don't focus on the outcome and results - and if you focus on your lessons and the small actions you can take everyday, that is going to allow you to become rich over the long-term.

What fascinates me is that so many people who have had financial wealth have lost it and regained it because of the person they've become. They have learned how not to do something and gained their wealth again.

Sometimes you get someone who wins the lottery and gets rich quick. What happens over the next three, your years? They become broke. And it's because they haven't mastered their mindset.

On the other hand, people who have experienced setbacks and challenges have grown and experienced personal development so they understand how to manage money, business and set up systems in business.

The message I wanted to put across is that I want to challenge you to think about the process, mastering your psychology and think about your rituals everyday, because when you take care of yourself and work on yourself, you'll be able to overcome any issues and take massive action.

Remember to think about the process, taking care of you and taking action everyday!

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