Can People Change? How To DECIDE The Way You Look & Feel About Yourself?

Who you are is very important. Do we have the ability to change who we are? Can people change?

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The reason I wanted to discuss this today is because we’re going into a new year and we have the chance to challenge ourselves to start a fresh and become better people.

A lot of us, inside, can start to feel like we’ve tried this before and, maybe, it didn’t work. You may have tried multiple things in the past and failed to follow through and you’re stuck in a rut thinking you just can’t do it.

I wanted to address this because it’s so important to understand that our worst enemy is our self. We have that inner chatter where our inner self is always looking for the bad and the negative, giving you a false perception of what’s actually going on. It can give us this belief that we’re really not enough.

The truth

Us, as people, are so influenced by the people around us and our environment. We will actually believe a lot of the things that we see and hear, which could be completely false. If you have somebody in your life who is always telling you that you can’t do this and you don’t have the ability so you may as well stop – eventually you’ll start to believe this.

We can decide what our identity truly is. If you believe other people around you, you could be fooled into thinking that’s not the case. If your environment is negative, that is not empowering. This can put you in a cycle of a lack of self belief.

Just because something happened a certain way yesterday, doesn’t mean that today you can’t decide to do something different.

I’ve turned into someone who is not shy or feels anxiety. I’m somebody that’s strong and who feels confident. You have the ability to do that!

The other side

If you have somebody telling you that you’re amazing, confident and fantastic, you would start to feel that as well. The same thing applies to yourself. You can have rituals in your life, relentlessly, every day, just say ‘I am confident, I am a warrior, I am somebody that can overcome challenges’. Over a period of time you’ll start to believe that yourself, because we have that ability to keep adapting in our lives.

I was raised in a poor household, financially. I grew up on a council estate with no computer games, I had no thoughts of success in terms of wealth, and that’s just the way it was. What that did, over time, is condition me to think differently about money. If you just decide to look yourself in the mirror and say, ‘I am not a failure’.

You are you born this way. You are born in a position where you can make the choice to change. If you find yourself saying that you can’t do something, that’s more than likely just because that’s what you’re telling yourself. Over time, setting small goals every day to make you more successful, that will build your self confidence. And over a period of time, that can have a considerable compound effect and you can mould yourself into whoever you want to be.

So can people change? Yes, they can. It comes from the belief you have in yourself and the belief others have in you. Avoid people who put you down. Have people that prop you up, people who are confident, loving and happy with their own lives.

I appreciate it can be harder than it sounds, but this is the beauty of the internet. Subscribe to channels like mine. I’m not here to be negative and put you down. I’m telling you that you have the ability. Even if you failed yesterday, doesn’t mean you have to today.



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