Celebrating 🍾 To Breed More Success 💫🏅 | Success In Personal Development 🏆 | Ep 07

Did you know that there is one thing successful action takers are not very good at? That thing is the act of reward and celebrating. In this instalment of Success in Personal Development, I want to talk to you about the act of celebrating and recognising your achievements, pushing you to keep going for the success you desire.

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We just want to take action! We don’t see the importance of celebration. The problem here is, if we don’t choose to celebrate our successes, that will wear over time and we begin to feel dull Celebration makes us internally feel empowered and fulfilled. Celebration of achievements, big or small has to be your number one priority.

If you do anything in your life, please celebrate!

What the act of celebration does is tell your heart and soul that what you’ve just done has given you incredible momentum in your life; pushing you towards your goals and where you want to be in life. Whatever goal you’re after, if you take that first step, celebrate. Celebrate taking that first step. You’ve taken that first step, you’ve done something that 99% of people never do.

When you take that first step and you celebrate with your friends and your family, that is going to lift you, empower you and make you feel like you’re eight feet tall when you’re moving towards your next goal! You’ll go into the next step knowing that you can achieve, because you acknowledged you could achieve the first step.

A lot of people, and I can relate to this, you take action and go from goal to goal. Then you stop to realise and you think, look at what I’ve achieved. Then you take a moment and go WOW, look what you’ve done! You realise what you’ve done, that you’ve changed your life or changed somebody else’s.

Whatever it is, losing weight, learning something new, being a parent. If you’re a parent, how many times do you just stop and acknowledge what an incredible job you’ve done?

The act of celebration is not to be underestimated You can literally change the way you feel by celebrating your achievements and building momentum. Once you have momentum, you will not stop! It reminds you how much you enjoy achieving success.

Whatever your idea of celebration is, going for a meal, treating yourself to new clothes or even going on holiday, whatever it is, you have to act on celebration and treat yourself. It’s going to empower you to keep taking massive action.

If you haven’t taken time to reward yourself this year for all you’ve achieved, please take this moment now to celebrate with me. Take time to acknowledge yourself, whatever you’ve done. Take a moment to really be grateful for being you and having the energy to take action.

Empower yourself to keep taking steps and keep taking massive action!

Are you making the most of your achievements by celebrating? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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