Consistency? Simple Yet Hard Secret To Success! 🌱 | Success In Personal Development 🏆 | Ep 06

Welcome to my Success in Personal Development series! This episode is all about Consistency.

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Secret to success?

The truth about success boils down to consistency! Those of us who are consistent are doing the right thing. Consistently taking action - it's those people who ultimately will succeed!

This week, I want to be honest and transparent and say sometimes we have bad days! Sometimes things don't quite work the way you want it to.

But if you're consistent, get back on it and continue to build the life and success you want, it will happen! This is difficult, but consistency and the ability to get back on track is the secret to success.

Bounce back!

As humans, we can't relentlessly keep taking action every single day without a dip in performance now and again. Sometimes you just don't feel motivated or lacking inspiration, but this is the reality of life!

It's more important to focus on your bounce-back ability. Concentrate on your attitude so you can bounce back after adversity. This is probably the greatest asset you can develop, because we all have bad days! Don't let that bad day take control of you and let tomorrow be another bad day and spiral into failure.

Jim Rohn talks about the seasons of life and it's important to remember that spring will always come after winter and what you sow you will reap!

It's all about taking small steps that will lead to your long-term success, so it's important to remember that while it may not feel like you are not building much or seeing much progress of your hard work, under the surface, you are developing something that will show up in your life!

If you surround yourself with positive people who are there to inspire and support you, if you surround yourself with the right information, if you are consuming the right personal development resources, being inspired by people who have done it before you, you will see success!

Developing a life of success is hard work. I know it's hard work, but it's those who have the ability to consistently bounce back that are going to see the success they want.

How to be consistent?

It's not will power, it's not push motivation - IT'S PULL MOTIVATION. You are being pulled towards the things that you want!

I've spoken about tips and strategies for building consistency and you can keep yourself reminded with these resources!

Last week I spoke about morning rituals, and something like this will help with consistency! Other things like accountability is also useful. Have that network of people who will hold you accountable to your actions and goals!

Publicly announce your goals to everyone and that will help with consistency because you can't afford not to have that bounce-back ability!

We're building a great Life Success Engineer community on Facebook. We're building a great foundation of people who are there to support and encourage each other, so I recommend joining the group!

Be honest with yourself and keep building consistency in your life! Remember to let me know how you might be developing your bounce-back ability, and if you agree that the secret to success is consistency, let me know!

if you agree that the secret to success is consistency, let me know in the comments! 🙂

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