How To Create An Online Business Sustainable Long Term 📆 | Success In Entrepreneurship 👔 | Ep 10

Welcome to my Success in Entrepreneurship series! If you're reading this, you're interested in online business, and what you're more interested in is having a long-term, sustainable online business. The long-term is what it's all about. There is no point in building a business if it's only going to last a year.

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Today, I'm going to discuss how to build a long-term, sustainable online business that you can have full control over going forward! This is probably one of the most critical aspects for your online business!

Do you control the success and fate of your business?

When you think about success in your online business, it all comes down to one thing: CONTROL.

In business, there are things you can control and things you can't control. I'm going to show you how can get the control back so that going forward you have full control. The success of your business is solely dependent on you, and that is ultimately where you want to 

Things You Can't Control:

Amazon: FBA, Merch, Kindle, etc...

This is not a long-term, sustainable business because who knows what's going to happen long-term on Amazon. It's about using Amazon to your advantage.

Shopify, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc...

These platforms are not in your control. At any moment in time, any of these platforms could change the direction of your business.

That being said, I'm going to show you how you can have full control of your business.

How to have full control of your business:

Owning your own website/domain

This allows you to control your own brand and it's something no one can take away from you.

Create content

Leverage Amazon or any platform you're using by creating content. Creating content is a point of entry to you and your brand, so in ten years time, somebody could see the content you've created and still get a point of entry to your brand.

This only works if you're helping people with your content and your knowledge. This content can be anything!

You consume content everyday through various platforms so I suggest becoming the creator instead of the consumer, because that leads to content!

Creating content can be done in layers. The top layer can be seen as free content as you are providing value to the market.

You will then exchange an email address for example, because you will then be able to communicate with your audience going forward.

You can then give them an option for a low-ticket product. You can leverage Amazon here to add to your value! You can also offer more and more products as your brand grows!

All these steps will ensure your control over your business and you won't be left without an income stream in case the platform you're using changes. Remember to leverage the platforms you use to your advantage!

Remember to keep taking massive action and keep and eye out for my new Life Success Accelerator course where I delve into this topic even more!

I hope you enjoyed this topic and let me know what you think in the comments! 🙂

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