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Welcome to the second post in my Success in Personal Development series! Today we are going to be talking about creating a life plan!

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Recently, I've had thousands of views on my answers on Quora regarding organisation, how to improve your life and introducing habits and it's all centred around creating your life plan.

I genuinely believe not a lot of people have created their life plan, and I know this because until I was 27, I didn't have a plan.

This post will be a summary on how you can create your life plan, but if there is enough interest I will create a full workshop and go into much more detail!

What is a life plan all about?

It's about designing the life you want and becoming the best in all areas of your life. It's really about what you would be happy with because this is going to be very personal to you.

I have come up with a system for this, which has allowed me to build my Ultimate Visions all the day down to my day-to-day tasks.

How does it work?

Step 1: Separate your life into areas

The best way to do this is to have an area for your professional life and one for your personal life.

Within these areas, you then need to identify and separate again the areas that are important to you.

For example, I have goals in health and fitness, my personal development, my relationships, my lifestyle, my mission, my career, my business and contribution. They are my professional and personal areas that are important to me.

Step 2: 'Rocking Chair' test

It's all about creating that ultimate vision for your life where when you're at the end of your life, you would be happy to look back on it. Decide what your ultimate vision for your life is.

Step 3: Ultimate Purpose

After you've decided what your ultimate vision is, you have to figure out what your ultimate purpose is, and this is all about the reasons why.

Why are you going to spend the rest of your life expending energy and making sacrifices to achieve those things?

This is what is going to drive and pull you to want to achieve these things. These two steps are so critical to designing your life plan!

Step 4: Create your identity and roles

What does your identity have to be to achieve your ultimate life vision? What roles do you have to take on to achieve your goals?

Step 5: Your goals

Decide what your long range goals and short range goals are. I'm talking no limitations!!

Strip back all the common sense, stop thinking like an adult for a second and think about your ultimate vision!

Do you want to visit every single country in the world? Do you want to speak ten languages? Do you want to experience the Oscars?

The long range goals should be somewhere within three, to five, to ten, to thirty years plus, with your short range goals being six months to a year.

I personally focus on achieving my short range goals within a year because at the beginning of every year I go through this process and decide what my goals are going to be for the next year.

Step 6: Classification of goals

I also have classifications for my goals and the reason I do this is because we need to constantly challenge ourselves. You need to push and stretch yourself out of your comfort zone and the only way you can do this is by classifying your goals.

I have A, B and C classifications of my goals.

  • A classification goals are goals you know you can achieve.
  • B classification goals are goals you think you can achieve.
  • C classification goals are goals you really aren't sure if you could achieve.

A good ratio I would recommend having is two A goals, two B goals and one C goal. They are confidence builders because you want to have the confidence when you're achieving the smaller goals and you will move up and hit the jack pot.

As you grow, your stretch goals will start becoming easier and you'll keep improving! This is what I mean by developing your life through introducing habits.

Step 7: Split your goals into quarters

Depending on the number of goals you have, you will need to split them up into quarters throughout the year.

You don’t want to be in a situation where you're overwhelmed by everything when you don't see instant results.

This is really important because your life will then have structure and a plan you can follow. You will know what you're doing and what you're working towards.

Introducing habits into every single area of your life will help you move towards your ultimate life vision. Everybody has their own definition of happiness and fulfilment, and it ultimately comes down to you being happy within your life.

Let me know if you've enjoyed this segment on how to create your life plan. If you would like a bit more of a structured workshop with more details, let me know and I'll create a more in-depth workshop with templates for you to download and print out.

I do this every single year, it gets your energy up and it works! It's ultimately about your state and your ultimate life visions are going to be so different if you're in a positive state than in you're in a negative state!

Have you really thought about your life plan? Let me know in the comments if this helps! 🙂

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