Deep Work By Cal Newport Actionable Takeaways | Accelerator Note #1

Good day to all of you. I’m kicking off a brand new series, which I will be calling Accelerator Notes. Now this series is going to be very different, not just because of the editing but also in terms of what I’m actually doing. Here i'm presenting my notes on Deep work by Cal Newport!

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I have a quick question for you – do you sometimes find it difficult to find the time to learn new things?

You know it’s important. I know personal growth and development are important, and I always try to consume new knowledge that’s going to help me grow, because the more you learn, the more you earn, as Warren Buffett once said.

What we often find is that our busy schedules, family life, relationships, starting businesses and just trying to get going, often get in the way. It can be difficult to fit everything in, so I wanted to create Accelerator Notes.

I’m not a strong reader. I find it quite difficult to sit for a long period of time and read, but when it comes to learning specific outcomes and insights that I can take from a book quickly; that is where I am at my best.

That is where I grow, and if that is relatable to you, this series is going to be perfect! I thought about how I can share what I do with you, and this is what I’ve developed.

In my videos for Accelerator Notes, you’ll notice that I can display notes at the side of my videos for you, helping you take away an important summary of what I found to be important in the text. I hope this gives you the most important takeaways without you having to pour through the content.

Deep Work – Cal Newport

This is all about going deep in your work, not staying at the surface. A lot of us are shallow workers. We’ll switch from task to task without actually going deep in a specific outcome. That is what Deep Work is all about.

Distraction Assessment:

Can you do a distraction assessment in your life? How much are you getting distracted by social media, physical distractions – can you bring yourself to put your phone on aeroplane mode? Assess the distractions in your life and see how you can put yourself in that Deep Work state, because that’s when you’ll be working at your best.


Instead of task switching between tasks, try and focus on one thing at a time. That will be helped by time blocks – blocks of time specifically for one outcome. This makes planning incredibly important.

Install Routines:

Whatever your routine is, whatever day you tend to have, whether it’s family or business, work around your own routine. Can you do a Deep Work session early in the morning, last thing at night, whenever? Just make sure it suits you. Try getting into having three Deep Work sessions, and that’s when you’ll start achieving a higher output.

Here are some major questions to ask yourself:

Do you currently have time blocks for Deep Work? I achieve so much more by setting aside time for specific outcomes.

Can you do anything to reduce distractions? I’ve been turning off my push notifications, for instance.

Are you prepared for that next day? One thing I’ve focused on is preparing for tomorrow the night before. This can be as simple as getting your journal or equipment out in preparation, so you’re ready for that Deep Work session. The last thing we want is to get distracted looking for things we’ve misplaced.

This has been my first Accelerator Notes video and blog. I hope you enjoyed it and I really hope you can take some insights from what I’ve learned and apply these in your own work.

Let me know in the comments if you appreciate this summary and keep taking massive action! 🙂

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