Fear Setting To Achieve Your Goals In Life 😱😰😲 | Success In Personal Productivity 🎯 | Ep 08

Tony Robbins calls it burning your boat, Tim Ferris calls it fear setting. I call it success at all costs. Failure simply is not an option. This week, I want to discuss the fear setting process and how you can manipulate yourself to get crystal clear on the pain you will experience if you don't follow through on your goals and how that can inspire and motivate you to work hard!

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The pain of not following through on your goals

This is an interesting concept that was made popular by Tim Ferris, and it's very interesting to think about it backwards, that is the pain you will experience of not achieving your goals, making it completely unacceptable for you not to achieve your goals. This is in contrast to thinking about the pleasurable experience you'll have if you achieved your goals.

Tony Robbins said, "If you want to take on the island, burn your boats." If you want to be successful in your business, quit your job, because if you quit your job, there is no going back. You've got to succeed at all costs, and the alternative of not succeeding is unimaginable pain that you will feel in yourself. This is what we call fear setting.

This is why when people quit their jobs, they have this incredible motivation that they maybe never had when they were working for somebody else, because it's unacceptable to fail. You would rather stay up all night working on your online business than becoming bankrupt.

Think about your goals backwards

I want to ask you to think about your goals, whatever it may be. Think about it backwards.

Instead of focusing on how great you would feel if you achieved them, get crystal clear on how much pain you would feel if you didn't achieve it.

Think about the failure you would feel, think about letting your family, friends, and yourself down. Think about looking at your bank balance and being in debt, think about putting weight on instead of losing it.

You've got to be resourceful and make it happen. That is what fear setting is.

The two driving factors are pain and pleasure. Try thinking about the pain, try thinking about getting really emotional about it. It is unacceptable for you to fail, you will do whatever it takes. It's all about defining what action steps you have to take to avoid that pain at all costs.

Think about your goals in your life now. What actions do you have to take immediately to avoid that pain? Define the pain and then start getting your action plans together on how you can avoid it all together.

That is fear setting. That is burning your boats. That is quitting your job. That is making it happen at all costs.

Are you feeling that pain enough? Are you feeling emotional enough to make it happen? Embed it in yourself by leaving it in a comment! This is where you have to come from, this is how you can succeed!

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