How To Become Healthier With 8 Gifts We Can Give Ourselves? 🍀 | Success In Health & Fitness | Ep 02

Welcome to the second post in my Success in Health and Fitness series! I’ll be talking about how we can become healthier with 8 gifts we can give ourselves!

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Last month we talked about the supplements I was taking and how we can detox our systems to really increase our energy and vitality. This month I want to share with you the eight gifts we can give ourselves in terms of health and fitness!

Now, I am not a fitness guru, I don't have gigantic muscles or in tip-top shape, but I am conscious about my health and fitness, my energy and vitality, because I understand that to do anything, you need these things, and I just try to do my best and I want to share what I learn with you guys!

The 8 Gifts

  1. Breathing

You can do various exercises with breathing, and I'm going to share a couple here. One method you can try is breathing deeply in and out of your nose whilst bursting your arms up and down, and this is called your vital breathing and lymphasising.

  1. The power of living, water and live foods

Water is something that I have dramatically increased consuming in the last couple of weeks. I read that for example, if you're feeling hungry, chances are, you're dehydrated, so try drinking some water. I always recommend drinking water, ideally bottled water, and not plastic bottles if they're going to be sat around in heat for a long time. Adding fruits like lemon to your water could help you drink more too!

  1. The power of essential oils

Essential oils are very important, your fatty acids, your Omega 3, 6 and 9. I'm not going to go into too much detail because I spoke about Udo's Oil last month.

  1. The power of alkalinity

Go green! This is something that really impacted me when I went to UPW. The question, "What is the strongest animal in the world?" was presented to us, and I thought it would be a tiger or a lion. But the strongest animals in the world are the rhinos and elephants that eat greens! Alkanility is important, because you want your stomach to be in an alkaline state, and if you eat meat and things that aren't so good for you like salt and sugar, those things are going to put your body in an acidic state.

  1. The power of aerobic energy

Exercise! We all know this. If you can get out and walk for 15 minutes a day, get on a bike, just do whatever you can!

  1. The power of maximum nutrition

Obviously what you're eating everyday is going to make a bit difference, so think about the nutrients you're consuming. I spoke about the different supplements I take and make you're keeping a balanced diet and not focused too heavily on processed foods and junk food.

  1. The power of structural alignment and maximum strength

If you click on SQ, there's a guy there who is doing a lot of structural exercises, so he goes through things like how you should be sitting in your chair, your walking posture, they're fantastic and I really recommend them!

  1. The power of a directed mind and heart

This is a great gift you can give yourself - your psychology! 80% of anything you do comes from your mindset. If you want to be healthy and want to do the right things, you will do it! If you believe you can do better and do more, that's all we can ever do, and your body will love you for it!

I hope this episode has been worth it! Let me know what you think about these 8 gifts and I'll see you next month for another post in this series!

Do you give yourself these 8 gifts? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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