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Hello everybody, it's Kev here from and in this video, I want to share with you a method of journaling that I have incorporated into my life and I feel especially for journaling beginners and people who want to get into journaling, this will help massively!

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Even if you're not into journaling I recommend and I highly suggest that you just give it a shot. Give it a shot, see what you think and then whether it's improved your life, whether it's not improved your life, you can decide.

I'm going to show you a technique, a technique I have developed and if it works, great! If it doesn't work, nothing's lost but I highly recommend you do because I’ve found that journaling is such a great way of getting things out of your mind, getting things out of your headspace and thinking about too much throughout the days, the weeks and months, you'll find that it builds up.

I like to compare it to a computer. If you think of all the files that you keep adding to your computer and it builds up and builds up, and over time it becomes very slow, it becomes not very effective at all, you're waiting for windows to close and load, it's awful and your brain is very much like that, and I found that at certain points in the year, especially in recent times, it's very important to get things out of your mind and journaling is the way to do that.

So let's get straight to it!

It's a sheet that I have developed, I'm going to give you an option to download this completely free, I'm going to make it available, just go to, check out the blog post that comes along with this. You can check it out, I'll have a link to it, you can download it, you can have a look at it and this has been great for me.

Let me just get started with it and let me go through the process with you. It's a very simple process.

First of all, the sheet is split up into multiple sections and it has a morning section and an evening section because I incorporate my daily planning into this as well. I highly recommend you to think of a way, whether it's physical like this or electronic, of really capturing the things that come towards you on a weekly basis.

So every single day, you’re bombarded with things that you may have to action at some point, so capture all that outside of your mind. So when you come to journaling, you can have that somewhere around you and you can then be creative with it. You can then literally speak what's on your mind but put it on paper.

It'll all become clear in one second. I start off with the date and time, so let me put the date - the date is actually the 10th and then the time, let me put that as 1pm. Then what I do, at the top I always focus on an installation habit and an improvement habit.

This is something that I got from a really good programme and it allows you to focus on a habit you want to install in your life, which may be for example, exercise and it allows you to think of a habit that you want to improve.

The great thing about this is because I've incorporated it into my morning ritual, it focuses my energy into the installation of a new habit and an improvement of another daily because that's what it's all about.

So, installation, I'm going to put for January 2017, I've put a morning ritual. That's the one thing that I thought if I introduce this into my life every day, it's going to have the biggest impact. An improvement, let's put I want to improve in the exercise area and in brackets remind myself of P90X, because that's one of my goals. Then I have the year theme.

Now, the year theme is brilliant, I absolutely love the idea of having a year theme and the jorunaling is really great around that because if you think and set yourself a year theme - so I've set myself two year themes. One is optimise and one is discipline.

I play around with the word discipline and I go back and forth from discipline to consistency, so those two - optimisation and consistency/discipline - allow me to focus everyday on what I'm actually doing. Am I optimising my work?

This journaling is perfect for that and this is why I highly recommend you do it because then I have a section on the left hand top where I have my logo, which is Life Success Engineer and then I simply put my mission, my purpose and my strategy and I highly recommend you do the same in terms of what is the one thing you want to do in your life.

So if it is one day for example, to be a manager somewhere or start your own business, focus in on that everyday so the mission of Life Success Engineer, I'm going to put “we help people engineer success”.

This reminds me every day of what I'm actually doing, why I'm doing this video. Why am I spending my time now in the sun here doing this video? It's because I want to help people, I want to engineer success, I want to give you the tools to engineer your success and the purpose is to improve the lives of others - contribution.

I want to improve the lives of others, I want to contribute to you and if I can suggest a way of journaling, if I could suggest a way of planning or effectiveness or productivity and improve your life, that is fantastic! That is my purpose, and the strategy I like to say is to be the example, set new standards. Set new standards, step up!

It's all about stepping up. If you want any more in your life, which is most likely the case that you need to step up. You need to raise your standards. What are you accepting?

This is great because I then go into today's area of focus, so I have three areas of focus throughout the year and this may be different from yours. There's one of three things I focus on. I have a life balance, creativity or confidence, because I've identified those three as my year theme, so in the day, whatever I wake up thinking about, whether it's creativity or confidence, I'll then go, right, I'm going to focus on life balance today. I need to focus on that and be consistent and optimise my life to be in balance.

So I'll have a brain dump area, a sort of white paper journaling format, which allows you just to think, right, life balance, ask myself some questions, some really powerful questions that allow me to then think and get things out of my mind.

For example, I'll refresh my mind on is life balance where I want it to be? So one tool I could use is the wheel of life. If you're not sure what the wheel of life is, I do believe I have a video on my Youtube channel, so please check that out if you like, I might re-do it. And then, I might look at all the areas of my life, whether it's my financials, my business, my relationships, my health and fitness, and I'll give them a score - this is very quick, it doesn't have to be neat, it's just scribbling and literally takes five minutes.

Then, I'll think, right, today I've woken up and I'm feeling very good about my financials, I'll give them an eight out of ten. I'm feeling really good about my relationships, eight out of ten, you know what, I'm not feeling too great about my exercise, that's a two out of ten. I've maybe gone a couple of days not eating very well or my exercise hasn't been great, I'll give that a two out of ten.

Then I think about my business, I'll put a seven out of ten, and then I'll think about my mission. The mission that I have and I'll put a six out of ten, and then when you join - you think about a wheel - you join all them up, I'll find, well exercise and health and fitness is a two, so I now need to focus on this area because I've just thought about my life balance and I'm not very happy about my health and fitness at this time.

It's really good because you're waking up and you're consistently thinking about your life balance - what makes you fulfilled, and that is the great thing about journaling.

It then continues - I have a gratitude section, which I can just go through now. I have a priming session, where I highly recommend you just check out Tony Robbins priming exercise, and I have a moment just to think about what I'm grateful for. I just list a quick three things of what I'm grateful for and get it down on a piece of paper and it makes me feel great at the beginning of the day. I just think how grateful am I to be able to speak to you, to have this chair being warm, to have shelter and that's the great thing about journaling.

So that's it for this video guys, I hope it's been beneficial. It's something that I've sort of brought together and it's a form of journaling that I have implemented into my life in 2017, which has given me a lot of clarity and it's really removed a lot of the noise in my mind, and that is what the idea is.

Get the things out of your mind, get it on paper and focus on making some progress. Focus on what matters to you!

So I hope you've enjoyed this video. If you have, please give it a thumbs up, if you want to comment below, I'd love to hear from you, please subscribe for more videos and until the next one, take care!

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