Major Lesson 1 From A Millionaire | How To Be Successful? 📝 Success In Personal Development 🏆 Ep12

Welcome to my Success in Personal Development series!  For the past nine days, I've had the privilege of staying at an amazing cottage in Mallorca, with the family who own it. I've been able to live with them and learn, as well as ask them questions about what has contributed to their success.

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They came from nothing and have achieved multimillionaire status. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to learn as much as possible from them!

Be future focused

This trip has allowed me to start asking questions about how this family has applied certain strategies and managed their mindset in their business. One of the first things I was told was to be future focused.

Being future focused means always thinking about the long-term. It's about thinking about what you can do today that is going to contribute to your long-term success of your business.

One example is instead of being reactive everyday to other people's demands and the environment around you, it's so important to think about your long-term outcome and three actions you need to take every day to ensure you achieve that success.

Long-term success isn't guaranteed, but those actions will give you the best chance at being successful.

For example, if you are in Amazon, you want to be launching products. If you do this consistently, you'll grow your business and inventory, leading to more success.

The same thing works with content marketing, if that's what you're doing. The more content you publish over the long-term, that is going to accumulate to a mass load of content for people to find you.


  1. Decide what three actions you need to do every day to ensure you achieve the success you want.
  2. Focus on the small actions you can take everyday.
  3. Don’t be reactive in the present.

One of my favourite quotes is from Winston Churchill, and he said the definition of success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm, and ultimately, that is about being future focused. The success of your business is all down to you thinking about the long-

The compound effect of you taking action everyday, you're going to see huge results. You might not see anything in the short-term, and this is why a lot of people get discouraged and give up, but the truth is, it does work. You're just planting your seeds, and you need to be disciplined enough to keep watering 

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