Major Lesson 2 From A Millionaire | How To Be Successful? ๐Ÿ“ Success In Personal Development ๐Ÿ† Ep13

Welcome to my Success in Personal Development series! I'm coming to you today with the second major lesson I've learned in Mallorca over the past eight days. I've been asking the multimillionaire family I've been staying with questions about how they achieved their success. If you haven't checked out the first major lesson, please do!

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The second major lesson I really got from them is about your ability to learn. Learning is your ability to change your behaviour. That is the best definition of the term that I've heard!

What is learning?

If you think about personal development, a lot of people read books, go to seminars, do all kinds of things to boost their personal development, but most of the time, their actions and approach don't change.

This is why ultimately, when you think about learning, it all comes down to changing your behaviour. This has been an incredible insight for me because now every time I think about learning,

The way to think about it is: have I changed anything from the information that I've gathered? If you take that information but you don't implement it or take action, nothing changes.

Think about the books you read or audio books you listen to. Are you changing your behaviour afterwards?

You go from failure to failure, and it's a case of learning from those mistakes and changing your behaviour. If something isn't working in your business, or any aspect of your life for that matter, it's a case of understanding what happened and changing the behaviour of the system.

Do you agree with the definition of learning? If you enjoyed this lesson, please let me know! I've shared my first major lesson I've learned so please remember to check that out if you haven't already.

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