Hey, I’m Kevin Blackburn and welcome to Life Success Engineer! Here’s a little bit about me and how I find myself talking to you on this blog.

In 2015, at the age of 27 years old, we took massive action and started a business on Amazon. Within 6 months, I quit my job and we finished our first year at over £400,000 in sales. We created a team of 20 virtual assistants and 3 physical employees and sales have continued to breach £1,000,000 in total revenue in July 2017! Pretty crazy right? It gets a bit more crazy than that so I’ll start at the very beginning…


Born in Frankfurt, Germany, on 22nd October 1988 to my German mother and my American father, I came into the world with an older brother and sister. Unfortunately, as I was born my father being a soldier in the army had to leave which left my mother to take care of us alone. When I was 4 turning 5 my mother had met an English man to whom my little brother was born and we moved to England in 1993/94. So at this point, I was a half German and half American boy moving to England to be English. It’s a complicated start to life.

Germany seems like a vague dream to me. I have my earliest memories from there. England is all I have ever really known. I was integrated into school easily and learnt the language fast. Everything was great until I was 11 years old when my mother decided to move back to Germany as her marriage came to an end. This was a devastating time for my family and there wasn’t any way I could leave the country I had finally settled down in. It just wasn’t an option for me at 11. It was then the decision made by my sister to take me in and look after me that was the turning point in my life.

The incredible thing was my sister was only 16 at the time when she took me under her wing and looked after me. I owe her everything for that. I want to stress and highlight I do not blame my mother for this time. Things happened I would prefer not to say. Valuable lessons of life were learned in these hard times and I made a decision at that time I would never be any trouble to my sister and I would become the best person I could. One day I will repay my sister for the sacrifice that was made. I’m truly thankful and grateful to her.


Being unaware of what I actually wanted to do in my life, all I knew I enjoyed maths, science, and electronics. The obvious choice for me was Electrical Engineering. I got fantastic results at GCSE and very proud of my achievements I made during this time when things could have been so different.

Adulthood seemed to come around so quickly as I turned up at college seemly being funneled down the education route. A decision was made after 1 year at 6th form college that I would quit and join an apprenticeship. One of the best decisions I made as it gave me the hands-on skills that were required while still studying for my degree. At this point, I thought this is what I wanted. A trade that would be well paid to support my future family.

As we all know, life isn’t so straightforward.

Meeting Kylie during a walk home from a part time job I had during the first year of the course, my life would never be the same again. Driving past in her car, she had become friends with some of my school friends so when they stopped. After reconnecting, we started to hang out and it was on Kylie’s 18th birthday we entered a relationship. Within 1 year, we got the news that I guess most 18 years would fear the most. We were going to become parents at the fresh age of 19. Although it was a shock, Kylie and I have never looked back and we were blessed with our son, Theo. This gave me more drive and desire to provide for them and become that Engineer would support our family.

I successfully went through the apprenticeship providing for our young family finally becoming a qualified electrical tradesman. I honestly believed our life’s direction was going exactly as planned. Every year as we grew would become easier. I would get a pay rise and things would be ok.

I lived in believing this story up until I made it to an Electrical Engineer. Having successfully completed a first class degree, the career goal had finally come true. It was then we were blessed by our 2nd child, Harper, and our beautiful family was complete. Life had become exactly as we visioned it but something was missing. Something wasn’t right.

It suddenly dawned on me that this pattern for this life is like so many others. We accept living in the tradition life and try our best to make ends meet. As our wages grew, so did our expenses. I realized nobody throughout my entire education actually taught me about money and how to manage it. Somehow we just going from month to month waiting to be paid again.

This was the moment I was “plugged out the matrix”, I snapped and I told myself I will not live like this anymore! I was working hard, I had missed seeing Theo growing up from a baby as I was studying hard and going to work, I decided was not going to do the same with Harper. I was now seeking an opportunity to do something extraordinary in my life. To be with my family every day and for as long as I want.

To be with my family every day and for as long as I want. This is what truly made me feel fulfilled and happy. Not the significance of the job title.

Unfortunately, without knowing it we joined the rat race. The rat race is going from pay check to pay check trying to support our lifestyle and expense. I had to look somewhere else to make a change in my life.


Kylie’s uncle John and auntie Judy live in the Caribbean and in 2013 we had the opportunity to meet them in Majorca at their villa. Their story was so fascinating to me and open my eyes to the potential we all have in this life. I will never forget the day sitting on the front of the yacht named Stardust listening to John talking about their story. I believe this was the moment that inspired me beyond anything imaginable to make it. It’s these moments in your life you need to capture and harness the inspiration.

In this moment I became an entrepreneur actively seeking an opportunity to start something for ourselves. There was just a period of time before the opportunity presented itself.


Being introduced to Personal Development (self-improvement) by two of my best friends was a defining part of this journey. I will never forget the first 22 minutes I listened from Jim Rohn which they shared. Click here to watch the 22 minutes. It was that powerful. This changed my life and defined failure and success so clear I have never looked back. Since this day, I have invested in myself. I have read books, listened to audio programs, I have gone through online training programs and paid to go to seminars. I have committed myself to Tony Robbins Life Mastery Pyramid which I learned at the Unleash The Power Within Seminar in London April 2016. I did a review on this too. Click here.


The opportunity finally came, we began selling on Amazon in June 2015 and scaled our sales up to £150,000 in 6 months. I knew we were onto something life changing so I quit the job I had worked for so long to get. Crazy I know but the hunger when you have “had it” is so great it drives you to do incredible things. We use a model called Online/Retail Arbitrage. We began this from our living room while I was still working and Kylie was on maternity with Harper. It wasn’t easy and huge sacrifices were made to make it work. Kylie’s drive to succeed too has been the backbone of our success. We have continued to grow to the point we are no longer in our home. We now work from our warehouse. The growth has been incredible and I feel so grateful that this opportunity presented itself. We are in the process of growing more and more as I mastermind within a group of friends that follow the same model. During this time, I have guided and coached a number of friends and family to the point they have also quit their jobs.  The opportunity with Amazon is very real and I actively promote it to anyone. I now have a course available to teach you. Online Arbitrage Mastery.