The Path To Financial Freedom Explained 💰 | Success In Entrepreneurship 👔 | Ep 09

Welcome to my Success in Entrepreneurship series! Today we are going to be talking about the path to financial freedom! When it comes to you and your entrepreneurship journey, it's all about creating wealth.

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Wealth is your ability to take your positive cash flow, and invest it into other things in your life that is going to create even more positive cash flow. That is going to generate long term wealth!

Robert Kiyosaki's Quadron

Imagine having enough money to pay your expenses, that gives you the ability to do what you want, when you want. This is financial freedom.


Robert Kiyosaki explains financial freedom as a quadron. The four squares are split up into specific things. The majority of people start in the first square as an employees. They work for somebody else, which is not a bad thing. But if you're working for somebody else, you're always going to have that ceiling and go through the levels of progression, and you're never going to be absolutely financially free because you will have to trade your time for money.


The bottom left square is the first transition from employee to self-employed. This is the path to financial freedom. They make the first step and it's basically going from job to job because here, you are still trading your time for money. You are having to work for the money, but the money is coming directly to you, instead of you creating somebody else's dream. People who are employees and self-employed prefer security.

Business Owner

The next step in this bath is business owner. This is where you begin to leverage yourself and create systems, and you will have a business. When you can have a full day, week, or month away from your business and it still runs, you are no longer self-employed. You have created the systems for your business to keep running. This is where you want to get to, because once you become a business owner, you are getting closer to having more financial freedom.


Being an investor is the last step to financial freedom. Here, you are investing into other business and other people. This is the path to financial freedom!

These people value more of the freedom of time! They realise that time is the most valuable asset. I value my time very highly, I value it more than my money because I can't get any more time, but I can generate more money. When I've got freedom, I can create more businesses, invest, create more systems and employ more people. It's all about generating value into the marketplace.

Robert Kiyosaki explains that the employee and self-employed are on the poor side, and the business owner and investor on the rich side.

The best route if for you to start your own business, there's never been a better time to start your own online business through Amazon FBA for example, and then you can take that money to invest into other things!

One of the things I'm going to be investing in, in the next 12 months, is a warehouse. I'm going to take the business money and invest into a warehouse that will give me real estate, which is a form of investment.

This is a great lesson to learn, and it's something I've only just learned in the last 2 years when my life changed. The more value you put into the marketplace, the more businesses you can acquire and the more income streams you can begin, that is going to be your financial freedom!

If you want to start online, I've got a Video Course Mastery program, which is going to allow you to start creating your own video courses. I also have Online Arbitrage Mastery, which is going to allow you to start your Amazon FBA account!

That is the path to financial freedom, let me know what you think! Until next week, take care and keep taking massive action!

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