It's a brand new year, 2018. New year resolutions have been set and we're all optimistic for the challenges to come. However, this year people will give up on themselves and won't follow through on their goals; why? I have some insights as to why people fail to share with you today.

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This is a powerful topic at the moment. Two weeks into January, 99% of people will be slipping back into the old habits they were planning on leaving behind. Why is that? 

If you can understand why people don't follow through and why people fail on their goals, that can be an indispensable insight for you to use to your advantage; allowing you to follow through no matter what happens.

To understand why people fail goes very deep. You have to understand why people set themselves resolutions and goals in the first place. It starts with a habit that a person is not happy with, cutting down on drinking or smoking or whatever. There always seems to be a pattern. I'm sure you can all think of someone who starts every year saying, "I'm on it," then they never really get there.

That's because people get excited. something is brand new, a brand new year, a fresh start and a new me... It's a trend, essentially; the whole world is saying it. We go with the crowd and set ourselves resolutions because it's a hot topic at this time of year.

Then, within a week or two, it's not a topic of conversation. the chances are that everybody you know is back to their everyday routines - and that is where the problem lies.

Your environment is still the same. What you wanted to change is still very difficult because you're still in the same environment. If you wanted to hit the gym and shed some weight, you're going to struggle massively when you have eight hours of work per day and all your mates have sacked the gym off - making the excitement wear off for you.

At that point, sticking to your resolutions becomes a chore for you. That's all because the foundation wasn't there to begin with. The reason why people fail is because the driving factor is missing from most people's resolutions.

Losing Holiday Weight

Your holiday weight might not be at the threshold where it's a "must deal with" problem. You might think you look fat, but you now you're not super unhealthy and your life isn't in danger.

The extreme end of the spectrum would be a morbidly obese person being told by their doctor that they must make a change or face huge health problems - what is that news going to do to that person? It will push them over the threshold. The reality of being unhealthy forces a person into making real change.

Compare that to somebody who has a little holiday weight. They don't get really upset when they look in the mirror because "It's just holiday weight." That problem is unlikely to force somebody into taking action and making a change over a sustained period of time.

Fed Up With Your Career

So many people moan about their job. What stops people from taking any action is that they haven't gone over the threshold where the only future they see is making a change.

It's only when you breach that threshold, when the pain becomes so much that you say, "No more. I'm going to make this business model work." That is the point you need to reach.

What Can We Do?

There are some things you can do to keep taking action relentlessly, even when nobody is talking about new year resolutions anymore.

  1. You get crystal clear about what you want to do. Not just saying you want to lose weight, but specifically how much weight do you want to lose? Not just saying you want to work for yourself, but what business model do you want to be successful with? What is your definition of success?
  2. Stack your reasons. You have to really quantify your reasons why. You hate getting up in the morning, you hate going to work for somebody else, you hate looking at your body fat... Whatever the reasons are - writing them down, seeing them and feeling the emotions they bring up will help you massively.
  3. Put yourself into an environment of success. You need to break the pattern that you're currently in, and the best way to do that is to surround yourself with success and people with good habits. Mastermind groups help this massively. They will hold you accountable for your failures and your successes.

It may sound a bit ridiculous, but make a proper occasion out of you taking the decision to change yourself. Tell people what you're doing, get the family round, make a bonfire and fill it with chocolate - whatever. Make a big thing of it and make yourself accountable. Imagine the embarrassment of falling off the wagon when when you made such a big deal. Well, you won't even be thinking of the embarrassment because you've committed fully and properly. 

Be Sure

You have to do some research, find out how is best to do what you want to achieve. You can't just want it, you have to want to know how to do it too. This a massive reason why people fail. Break it down step by step and that will help you become clear on what you have to do.

You won't wake up wondering what to do, you will know exactly what to do. Force yourself to take action.



I hope you enjoyed my tips for making massive changes in 2018! Let me know in the comments how you're doing and keep taking massive action! 🙂

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