How We Are Planning For 2018 Featuring Carl Pullein (Part 1 of 2)

Today I am joined by a special guest – Carl Pullein. We are going to talk all about planning for 2018. A big thank you to Carl for joining us today! Carl is going to share how he is preparing for the new year, expanding his business and keeping in shape.

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Carl: I’m Carl Pullein and I’m a productivity specialist. I focus in on goal planning and self development using Todoist and Evernote, in particular, on my Youtube channel.

Kev: This Youtube channel is how I was first introduced to Carl and why I want to get him involved in this planning for 2018 piece. The new year is now only five weeks away, so time is running out to get planning.

Carl: I think this is a really good idea because I know a lot of people out there are probably thinking about 2018 and what they actually want to do, but the process of planning it out so that you actually have a successful year is really important and has to start as early as possible. I usually start in October, but November, where we are now is the time to start thinking a little bit more seriously about what can be achieved next year. We’ll go through the planning process!

For me, really, it starts in October with just developing ideas of what I’d like to do. I have a list on Evernote which I break down into sections.


 Anything that comes into my head, I capture it and dump it into this note.

What would I like to change about myself?

This is where we get a little more serious. There is always something I want to change about myself. For instance, in 2018 I would like to improve my physical exercise discipline. I’ve managed two or three times a week, but I prefer five times per week minimum. I could make excuses, but no, I’ve been lazy. Aside from money, this feeds into a long-term vision. Discipline is very important to me.

Kev: One of the things that’s worked for me is the idea of thinking about the different areas of your life and what the vision is for your life. I think about long-term visions, like where do I see myself when I’m 40, and then reverse engineer that and think about what I need to do next year. The big vision for me, in terms of health and fitness, is that I want to run marathons. So running a half marathon next year is a stepping stone to that vision, where I want to get to. Is that something you do yourself, Carl?

Carl: I have run marathons and they are hell. Like you said, it’s about the challenge! Many years ago I was a member of Leeds City Athletics Club. There was this wonderful old guy there, I can’t remember his name, but he was 82 years old. When he was a teenager he was a sprinter, but he was running marathons every single week at 82 years old. I was so impressed with this guy. I remember saying to myself at 15 years old, ‘when I’m 82, I’m going to be running marathons’, which is one of the reasons I maintain my fitness.

Kev: I’ve been thinking about different themes for 2018, like consistency or discipline. What I’m going towards is the idea of turning pro. The idea of if I’m going to do something, I want to have that attitude going in of what would a professional’s routine look like? I think the idea of a theme for the year is quite a good idea.

Carl: It could work, especially if you’ve got some area of your life that you think you’re not strong at. We can change any part of our life at any time we want to. It’s about just deciding you’re going to do it. I don’t really believe anything is impossible. Recently I read books on NASA’s moon landing programme. Those books prove that as human beings, when we get our minds set on a goal and we’re really determined to achieve it, we can achieve it. I believe anybody, no matter their background can do it, but they have to make that decision.

Kev: You’re 100% accurate. I call it the threshold moment. Two years ago, I was a little bit overweight, and it got to a point where I committed to a challenge to get my weight back in check and run 250KM. I think at any moment in time someone can just say enough is enough, I’m going to make this happen.

What would I like to change about my lifestyle?

Carl: I’ve lived in Korea for 15 years, and I’ve never needed a car because the public transport is fantastic, however Jaguar Land Rover are one of my clients and they lent me a Range Rover for five days.  My wife and I took a road trip to explore Korea and it was fantastic; I loved every minute My wife and I were driving back to Seoul thinking, ‘This is the life’. We’ve been married 10 years and we’d never done this. We want to be doing that every weekend from next year. It’s very easy to get stuck in a life and think “I’m happy.” But really, are you happy?

Kev: It’s the same for me and my family. One of the things that we wanted to do this year was go and see some European cities. One on our list was Paris. If we’re going to make that happen, what would I need to do in the business to allow me to do that with the family? That then opens up a set of tasks, all from the question of what do you see your lifestyle as being like.

Carl: It’s a real powerful question. We get stuck in our day to day life and we don’t think about things like that. Because I’m self employed, when taking a holiday we weren’t earning income. This year I’ve changed that by moving some of my work onto online courses, so now I’m earning even when I’m sleeping, which is the dream. That’s when the process started to change our lifestyle, because it’s very easy to get stuck in a life and think “I’m happy.” But really, are you happy?

Kev: I try not to be too adult about it. I try to say, ‘How great would to be to just go see this place or go for a random walk around the local lake’, and this is where you’ve got to try aligning whatever career you’ve got to the lifestyle that you want to pursue. I know that’s easier said than done because people do get themselves trapped in careers – I was the same as an electrical engineer, and it didn’t align with what I saw my lifestyle to be like.

Carl: For me and my wife, we were reasonably happy in the way things were, but the opportunity to travel around Korea, the time we spent together with our little dog who’s 13 now, made me think that we’ve got to do this now. Let’s do this now so that he can have the best end of his life that any dog will ever have. We had that brief four day experience of what we wanted to do. I had the image of four days working in Seoul per week and three days doing what we want to do – how do we do it? Reverse engineer, like you say. For the last few months, this is what I need to do, and I’ve been doing it.

Kev: When you think of your next year’s goals and challenges, do you have a limit of how much you try to do, is it endless, or do you say you’re only going to focus on ten things this year?

Carl: I do limit what I’m going to do. Next year, I know now that next year is going to go 100% all in on online. So of course I’ve already started the productivity side. That started this year and I think I’ve got eight courses up now. Doing this with our courses has made me realise we can do this with our communication business too. So I’ve learned so much this year about the difference between face to face teaching and online teaching.

Join me and Carl in part two to conclude how you should be preparing for 2018!

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