How To Scientifically Increase Your Motivation To Achieve Any Goal, Any Task, Or Start Any Business?

I never thought in a million years that I would ever look at an equation again, but this equation is the scientific formula for motivation! If you want to take any action, you must be motivated to take action.

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If you want to increase your current levels of motivation, this video is for you. This is scientifically proven to increase motivation.

M stands for motivation

E stands for expectancy

V stands for value

I stands for impulsivity

D stands for delay

Think of this as dividing your level of expectation and the value of your project by how impulsive and easily distracted you are.

Expectancy refers to whether you think you’re actually going to achieve your target. If you expect to achieve something, if you are confident, and then the value of that goal is high to you, you are going to be super motivated.

If you’ve gone into a business or project and you’re expecting it to work out, and it means a lot to you, motivation is high.

But this is where distractions come in. If you are always feeling that impulsivity to do something new, or you’re easily distracted by external factors like your phone or even the people around you, that’s going to lower your motivation.

The same applies for any delays. Say you’re starting a business but you’re not going to see any results for months or even years, that is going to make the delay score higher, meaning your motivation score drops.


Let’s say you have very little impulsivity and whatever you’re doing is going to benefit you quickly – then your expectancy level was massive, because you’re determined to make it happen and it’s of massive value to you – that is going to be a huge swing towards motivation.

But let’s say you’re going into a business model and you don’t have much confidence in your own ability, that’s going to bring your expectancy right down. If your new endeavour is of little value to you, that will bring your score down. If you’re getting distracted easily, that will bring your motivation down.

With my engineering background, this is right up my street. I got this idea from Brian Johnson. I wanted to bring it to you and hopefully it makes sense to you too.

If you want to increase your motivation, you have to work out how confident you are about a project and how much value it has to you. If it’s a life changer, the value is super high. If you’re expecting it, you’re pumped, you are ready to take massive action, then you are motivated!

However, if you’re always getting distracted, then your expectancy and the value of the project becomes worth less.

We know the difference between big and small numbers. Hopefully seeing motivation in numerical form will make it that bit more attainable for you. Go into the new year with a fresh approach to motivating yourself to achieve exactly what you deserve!

There is no magic solution, but I hope this helps you. Let me know in the comments and keep taking massive action! 🙂

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