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Welcome to Accelerator Note number three, which is going to be on The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T Harv Eker.

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This book means a lot to me because it’s one of the first books that I listened to in an audible fashion back in 2015. Then in 2016 I actually went to the Secrets of the Millionaire Mind seminar.

I highly recommend you check this guy out. I love this book and I had a great time at his seminar. There are some in depth videos on my Youtube channel if you’re interested!

Here are my quick key takeaways from this book:

Financial Blueprint

In Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T Harv Eker introduces us to the idea that we all have a financial blueprint. This has come from how we’ve been brought up in the world. Wherever you are right now, you’ve had different influences and experiences. As we grow we develop beliefs and thoughts that make up our inner world, which transcend to our outer world.

The financial blueprint is effected by things you hold to be true about money, like, “Money doesn’t grow on trees” etc... This has an influence on how you treat and think about money. You need to be aware of this blueprint.

One way you can discover what your predisposition is start with the words, money is... then you finish that sentence. That is where your beliefs about money come out. Your response might be that money is good, bad, helps create; whatever. Once you are aware what your beliefs are, your financial blueprint becomes clear.

Your comfort zone equals your wealth zone

Another big idea here. As you start to build your business and relationships, you will start to push your comfort zone. As your comfort zone increases, the areas in which you can generate wealth grow with it.

Financial Freedom

This is when your passive income is greater than your expenses. If you pay your mortgage, living expenses and bills, and you still have income from that month left over that you’ve earned passively, then you have financial freedom.

Are you playing to win?

Or are you trying to just avoid losing? Are you committed to whatever you’re going for, whatever it is? I am committed, I am all in – it’s not just something I want. How committed are you? There’s a big difference between playing to win and avoiding losing. If you’re always looking behind you, you’re avoiding losing.


He talks about declarations over affirmations. When you make a decision, are you declaring it to the universe? At his seminar, he encouraged us to declare, “I am creating my life,” rather than making affirmations like, “I am happy.” This environment of declaring really does help with commitment, which leads to you playing to win!

Bless those that have something that you want

A lot of people can become jealous if someone is doing better than they are. This is a really negative attitude. Start flipping your mindset to say, “Bless that person who has that which I covet.” Because the more you welcome other’s successes into your life, the more open to ideas and possible successes of your own you will be.


Stop complaining, basically, because complaining has no positive effect on your life at all. You’re using energy on nothing.

Becoming an excellent money manager

I’m still using the money management techniques that I got from this book. Money is not everything, however money plays a big role in your life and can help you get what you want. There is so much money in the world that you do have the ability to build services, products, schemes that can make a difference in people’s lives as well as make yourself a living.

His idea is to have different accounts for different allotments of money in your life. Let’s say you have a wage into your bank every month, split that into different pots, like necessity, which should be 55% of your income. Other areas include education, long term savings, financial freedom account, your fun account, your charitable contribution account – all these take a small chunk of your money.

If you create an automated system where this money is distributed among your accounts, it makes a big difference and you will find saving easier as well as having money set aside for fun, education and financial freedom.

He also advocates paying yourself first. Instead of paying the bills first, paying your employees first, you should pay yourself first. Make sure that the money for your financial freedom, the money that you’ve worked for, take that money and pay yourself first, and then pay everybody else.

Questions and actions for Secrets of the Millionaire Mind:

Are you aware of your financial blueprint?

Are you playing to win or are you just avoiding losing?

Do you have any money management in your life?

I hope you enjoy these actionable takeaways! Let me know in the comments and keep taking massive action! 🙂

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