Success In Business | Private Label | Ep10 | How To Create An Amazon Listing?

Hello, this is Kev from! Today, I'm going to show you how to create an Amazon listing that is optimised for sales!

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I've been on my private label journey for a couple weeks now and I've been sharing every step! I'm starting to get some really useful data from a couple of the advertisement campaigns I'm running to get a bit of knowledge on different keywords and products I'm launching and figuring out what is working and what isn't!

I've created multiple listings now because I'm testing multiple products before private labelling them. I'm targeting different keywords and obtaining information on whether it's worth private labelling in the first place. This step is key so I don't waste money investing in products that might not sell!

What I'm currently doing is setting up different listings and getting the advertisements up and running targeting specific keywords. Amazon is able to provide me with specific key bits of information that tell me if the products are generating sales.

If it is generating sales, I know this is potentially a good keyword to private label in the future!

How to create an Amazon listing

  1. Add your product

Either list the product as a new product that may be available on Amazon's catalogue already, or you're going to create a new product listing. Here you're going to want to create a new product listing.

  1. Pick your categories

Depending on what type of product it is, you're going to pick the categories for the product that fits it best. You need to find the categories that people are going to look for, so if you're selling a toy, you don't want to be in outdoor lighting, for example.

  1. Amazon will tell you all the information they need for the listing

If you go to Advanced View, you will have a whole list to fill out. The item name will be the title of your listing. To target specific keywords, I'm adding the keywords I've researched to the title.

As you go through the list, fill in all the information you have about the product in.

  1. The offer

This is an important part because the price is where you can be a little bit clever. Let's say you want to sell your product for $9.99. You could just set the price as $9.99, but this is a marketing technique I'm going to share with you. If you set the price as $19.99, but add a sale price of $9.99, to Amazon's customers, this looks like a 50% sale.

This is just an additional way to optimise your listing. You can also set the sale time on for as long as you want.

  1. The image

Images are really important, and you want to find the best pictures for your product. You want your images to be clear, with a clear background, and you need it to meet all of Amazon's criteria.

You can download pictures of the same item you are selling from a different website and download them on to your listing. This will provide you with clear, high-quality images to help with your sale.

  1. Key product features

I always start this section with the first line capitalised, and maybe with MADE IN THE UK, or MADE IN THE US - wherever it was sourced from.

You want your product description to be clear and with as much detail as you can. This is why it's really important to optimise your listing and give the customer as much information as possible about the product.

This will really help with your sales because the customer knows exactly what they're getting.

  1. Keywords

You've got Platinum Keywords and Search Terms. If you go to Amazon's search bar and type in the type of product you're selling, you can copy all the similar terms that come up into this section.

Make sure your listing is relevant to what you are selling. Don't add keywords and search terms that don't relate to your product because the customers looking who aren't looking for your product won't be buying it.

  1. Save and finish!

Once you've filled in all the information about your listing, all you need to do is click save and finish! Amazon will check all your information is correct and make sure everything they require is included as well.

  1. Bonus tip!

Keep in mind that Amazon have certain restrictions and requirements when it comes to various aspects of your listing, like the images you use. For example, if you were selling lights and wanted to use a dark picture to emphasise the lights turned on, Amazon have a restriction on the amount of white there needs to be in a picture you use. A little tip in this case would be use a white border around your picture so it can be used!

Your listing is now saved and published!

I'll be sharing a whole series of blog posts on the various aspects of using Amazon on my private label journey to make sure to check in to keep updated!

Let me know how your private label journey is going and if this helps! 🙂

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