Success In Life Series: Publishing Schedule

Hello, this is Kev from! Today, I'm going to be sharing with you my new structure and publishing schedule for my Life Success Engineer Youtube channel!

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Over the past week, I've completed a half marathon at a personal best time, I also had my sister start working with us in the warehouse. I've now also finished my Youtube intro, which I've been playing around with as a side hobby! Please check it out on my Youtube channel and I hope you guys enjoy it!

New structure!

I wanted to increase the quality on my Youtube channel and implement a structure so you guys know exactly what I'm doing and when I'm doing it, so you know when to check back in! In terms of upping the quality, I've started using a mic so the audio is better, and I'm going to invest in a better camera and work on my surroundings for my videos too!

I really want to get you guys involved, so I've decided to focus on life success - as in every area of life! This is what my channel is all about, it's not just about personal development or business.

New Youtube schedule

Monday: Personal Development

Wednesday: Business

Friday: Productivity (TAKING MASSIVE ACTION!)

Sundays: Entrepreneurship

On a monthly basis, I'm going to be talking about health and fitness around the start of every month. I'll be sharing my health and fitness journey, what I'm learning and what my struggles are!

On the 7th of every month, I'll be releasing my Monthly Goals Report, which I have been doing anyway!

On the 14th of every month, I'll be talking about lifestyle, where you guys can get involved and we'll discuss how incredible life can really be for us!

On the 21st of every month, I'll be talking about personal development reviews, so this means different programs I'm going through and different seminars I'm going to. These reviews are going to help you take action somewhere on a training program!

On the 28th of every month, I'm going to be discussing relationships, my experience as a father, maybe get my kids involved, and really create life balance and life success!

I want to provide you guys will value in all areas of your life as much as possible, because I'm come to realise that I really want to start talking about as many areas as I can in a structured schedule so it's not so erratic! I want my content to help you guys take action on a daily basis even with the distractions we're faced with all the time!


I hope you enjoy my new structure. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments! 🙂

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Thank you so much for your support. I really appreciate it!