Task Planning For Long Term Goals: Do You Know Your Pointless Vs Maintenance Vs Growth Task Balance?

As we go along our journey in terms of growth, there are going to be different tasks you do on a daily basis. There are going to be pointless tasks, maintenance tasks, and growth tasks. The first thing we need to do is know what these are. What is the definition of each?

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Pointless Tasks

For me, pointless tasks are for example, watching TV. You have to go through the cycles of rest. One way you can rest is television, and it's a balancing act. Watching TV, being on social media, browsing YouTube; these are all things I could class as pointless.

However, if you need rest, these aren't pointless. What I want to stress is to me, these tasks are pointless, wasting time, because the goal is for growth tasks.

Maintenance Tasks

Maintenance tasks are where you're on your journey, you've taken some action, you've been inspired, but we don't want to drop back to the level we once were. We need to maintain that level of success we've already got. So it's very important that we never go back down, we maintain. These are very important tasks you're going to have.

One way to maintain the success you've achieved is for example, to do a review of yourself. You'll be able to highlight areas you've neglected and then you can bring it back up to standard.

I do this on a weekly basis, I always review my business, and on a monthly basis I'm reviewing my life, my monthly goals report. It's very important that you maintain the level of success you've got.

Growth Tasks

There are many areas of life to focus on, but for me, the three main areas of life are business, health and relationships. Think about the most important growth task that you could do every single day.

So for example, in relation to your business, you could create procedures.If you do this every day, that's going to develop a whole document library for you that when you bring people into your business, as you grow, you can keep managing your business via systems. Over time, you're going to have a lot of procedures and be able to manage your business really well.

Another one could be creating content. Over the long term, if you're doing what I'm doing, every day, the number one task I set for myself is content creation. This is my number one growth task because over the long term, this is going to allow me to reach more and more people.

In terms of health, there could be tasks you set yourself to do everyday to improve your health and fitness. This could also come under maintenance, but if you're always looking to improve your health, you will achieve growth.

In relationships, you could have a weekly ritual to have a date night with your partner. This could be a growth task to keep you growing together, to keep the relationship alive.


In my life, I'm always very aware of the tasks I'm doing. When it comes to taking massive action, the more growth tasks you can do, obviously the more you will grow over time.

What is balance for you? Do you have 50/50 or do you do 20/80?

I don't know what it is for you, but I try to focus on growth as much as possible. Think about the three different types of tasks and think about where you spend most of your time, because as the years go by, if you feel like you're not getting anywhere, you might be focused more on pointless tasks.

It's time to make a really critical analysis of yourself and think about how you're spending your time!

Let me know what you think! This has been Kev, any support I get is very welcomed and I really appreciate your time! As always, keep taking massive action!

Have you started categorizing your tasks? Let me know how it goes in the comments! 🙂

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