Tutorial On Building An Online Business That Can Make Sustainable Money 24/7 Which You Control!

I want to share with you how you can create an online business that can generate you income every single day of the year. You can start this journey now and reap the rewards of your hard work sooner than you think.

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We live in an age in which you can be anywhere and you can create a business just from your laptop. I find it super exciting that you can completely transform your life from your own home or on holiday. This is an organic system that simply leverages our ability to talk to people all around the world.

The plan is that once you’ve built a successful model, you can then essentially mirror this by going into other niches and applying the systems that brought you success in the first place.

This is the journey I’m currently on!

I’ve been able to travel this year while running my Amazon business, but I’ve also been able to continue with my Youtube videos and writing my blog. This works because this model is sustainable for the long term. A lot of people are doing this; and you can do it too with limited funds and experience.

Whatever your passions and hobbies are, it’s important that you just provide the best value that you possibly can at every stage of your business. Whether it’s a Youtube video or a physical product, you just want to do the best you possibly can – and that’s the only thing we really have control over.

I have built a “Value Ladder” to represent the different levels of value which you can provide.

Consulting – This is where you offer your services on a one to one basis. I actually started doing this for free as training for myself, but have since withdrawn that offer because of the value I can offer as a result.

Advanced products – There are always people who want more! Besides the arbitrage mastery, I can offer virtual assistant training to take your business to the next level. I also offer a prep service to expanding businesses. There will always be people who need that bit extra.

Core products – You can look into something like a membership course. You want to create products that can help people at a larger scale than you can individually. There’s only so much time in the day to make an impact!

Own Front Offer – For instance, I have an ebook and a kindle book as well as my Master Spreadsheets for online arbitrage. This is part of my personal branding and just offers that something extra for people who are really interested.

Free opt-in additional bonus content – If you create high quality content, people will be more open to whatever extra features you offer. This is your opportunity to create things like a video course or training manuals. I have my free course, LifeSuccessEngineer.com/LSA which is my Life Accelerator Course. This allows me to interact with you via email and provide as much high quality additional content as possible.

Free high quality content – By this, I mean doing the best you can to provide the service of your knowledge; fitness, beauty, business or whatever!

If you look at this ladder, the first two levels are free for you to provide and free to consume. If you can provide solid advice on whatever you’re interested in, you’re winning. People will always appreciate free content on subjects like weight loss, muscle growth, wellbeing, beauty and a host of other things.

I can create content at a rate that is comfortable for me, then my WordPress and podcast VAs can essentially convert this content into other platforms like my blog. This is relatively low cost for me and gives me exposure to as many people worldwide as possible, leaving me location independent at the same time.

Then you can start charging a little bit more for your services with the more value you put in. If you build a book, there’s no reason you can’t charge for it, starting to bring in that passive income. If you see great free content and you notice the person providing this value has a book available, you’d be more inclined to buy it.

As you move onto the core products, this is where you have to really value yourself. I try to go in with a mindset of over delivering in order to please any potential customer. If you make a habit of over delivering, you will build trust with potential clients.

Advanced products like the prep service I run can provide more constant income that you can rely on over time. If you over deliver with the core products, you should have no problem making money at the upper end of the ladder.

Value Yourself!

The more and more people who take an interest and want your assistance dictates your value. If you’re consulting and you fill up all of your available time slots, you have to increase your prices in line with demand.

Whatever you do, just be sure that you go all in! As long as you’ve got a laptop and an internet connection, freedom literally at your fingertips.

What can you provide value by teaching your knowledge on? Let me know in the comments and keep taking massive action! 🙂

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