Uber London Shutdown Lesson! 🚕 What Aspiring Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Uber’s London Problems?!!

So I have a couple of minutes before heading into a meeting, and I thought I would discuss Uber. As most of you may know, Uber has been reported to have lost their license in London, and the company are going to lose their operating license at the end of September 2017.

There are lessons to be learned everywhere. Check out these gems from my host on my recent holiday!

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I feel like we can learn so much from this situation, because Uber has completely revolutionised the way we travel around cities. I'm sure every single one of us has used Uber before, and this company is valued at $70 billion.

There are about 3.5 million people in London who rely on Uber as their means of transportation around the city, and Uber soon won't be able to run their operations in London. So what can we learn from this?

I thought to myself, "Imagine being that business owner and having that much of an impact on your business."

I love inspiration and being inspired, and I feel like inspiration is one of the best forms of emotional feelings you can have, because it gets you to take action, and action is where it's all at.

I was reading this situation, and it really made me think of when I got suspended from Amazon. There is no difference; it's just a matter of magnitude.

Don't let setbacks that you have in your business now, well, set you back. These setbacks are preparing you for your ultimate destination if you continue to be inspired and take massive action.

I'm convinced that Uber will resolve this situation and make their operations better in London because they have built up the magnitude of their business over time to be what it is today. They would have had setbacks along the way as well.

Every little setback you have in your business is just building you up, and as Jim Rohn said, let it touch you, but don't let it kill you. The moment you quit is the moment it's over for you.

There is always a solution around any hurdle, and if you can't find the way, you make the way. The desire you have to succeed in your business comes from within you, not external. So however many problems you're facing, remember that it's just setting you up for the person you'll become!

That's my short insight on inspiration and not giving up when faced with challenges as an entrepreneur. There's a lot to learn from this situation Uber are in, and remember that there are big successes like Uber and everything in between, all of whom face difficulties, so don't give up!

Keep taking massive action and stay inspired! Let me know what you think about this situation with Uber in the comments! 🙂

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