The Ultimate Online Arbitrage Step By Step Guide To Making Money Using Amazon FBA

This is the ultimate guide to Online Arbitrage using Amazon FBA. Over the past two years, I've made over £1,000,000 in sales. I quit my job, scaled by business, and now have a team of 15 virtual assistants and three warehouse employees!

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Whether you're a seasoned FBA seller, or just thinking about giving it a try, you're in the right place to learn from my success and hopefully emulate it for yourself!

Amazon FBA is a wonderful way of making money online. It can be as simple as you choose to make it. Some people run small shops to supplement their income, and some people use it to make their primary source of income. I've managed to create a business beyond my wildest dreams, all thanks to Amazon FBA - and some hard work from me and my team, of course.

You might be wondering how I've gotten here from when I started this journey with only £50 and what I did has completely changed my life.

Many new sellers, entrepreneurs and internet marketers have been taking advantage of the amazing Fulfilment By Amazon platform as a simple and lucrative way to make money online.

It's so simple you could start making money using an Online Arbitrage business model with Amazon FBA within the next couple of weeks!

Amazon has made it easy for ANYONE - and I mean ANYONE - to send products with Amazon FBA and start making sales! This post will serve as the ULTIMATE step-by-step Online Arbitrage guide to getting started as a beginner all the way up to helping advanced sellers!

This blog post is a compilation of my whole journey over the last two years, which I've shared on my Life Success Engineer Youtube Channel and my Online Arbitrage Mastery program! Also, check out some other ways to make money online here!

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Table Of Contents:

1.0 Summary Of The Online Arbitrage Process
2.0 Introduction
3.0 What Is Arbitrage & How We Take Advantage?
4.0 Why Amazon FBA For Online Arbitrage?
5.0 How Do We Know If The Products Are Selling?
6.0 All The Must Have Tools For Online Arbitrage Sourcing?
7.0 Success Interview 1 - Eddie Robertson
8.0 The 3 Phases Of Your Online Arbitrage Business To Manage Your Expectations
9.0 The Pain & Struggle Of Sourcing For The First Time
10.0 So How Do You Start Your Online Arbitrage Business From Home?
11.0 How To Best Conduct Sourcing? 
12.0 Q1 Q&A + General Online Arbitrage Tips 
13.0 My £1,000,000 Online Arbitrage Machine! 
14.0 Success Interview 2 – Gareth Thomas (Job To Business Owner In 12 Months)!

1.0 Summary Of The Online Arbitrage Process

The Overview

Before we get into the step-by-step Online Arbitrage process, I recommend watching this introductory video! This is a good example of the kind of work it takes to make your online arbitrage business work. This is an insight, and I think we'd all agree that it doesn't look too challenging.

This is a classic "day in the life" situation, especially as you're getting started and before you've scaled your business. As time has gone on, I've been able to scale this process to the point where I don't have to do it.

I show you the process of purchasing a product from a retail store to sending it to Amazon FBA and finally making money from it!

In this episode, I show you how I made 73% ROI selling a simple physical product using Amazon FBA.

The Research

The previous video shows you the process of purchasing a product to sending it to Amazon FBA and making sales, but it does not include the research you'll need to do to get started. But don't worry, I get into it in this video!

There are multiple ways to source products, and as your business grows, you can outsource this task to virtual assistants, or even invest in a sourcing list. In this video, I go through the reality of searching for products as you're starting out and what to consider while sourcing.

I explain why Online Arbitrage is such an incredible opportunity for anyone to get into and we use information Amazon give us to make informed decisions and product selections so there is no aspect of gambling here!

2.0 Introduction

The goal of this post is to give you an entire Online Arbitrage crash course for FREE!

I want you to be able to make your first sales using this post and I will continue to expand this post as I publish more content to keep you updated with more tips and steps to make the most of this model!

More seasoned Amazon sellers may be able to skip this step. I want to take it back to basics. This is simply an in depth explanation of what online arbitrage is. Online arbitrage has afforded me pleanty of opportunity, and it could do the same for you, so stick with this post and by the end you'll be all set to get started!

3.0 What Is Arbitrage & How We Take Advantage?

In this first video, I explain the foundations of Online Arbitrage and how you can take advantage of this model to start making money online.

4.0 Why Amazon FBA For Online Arbitrage?

The second step is to understand why I recommend using the Amazon FBA program to start your Online Arbitrage journey.

You can choose from loads of platforms to sell online, but Amazon take the sting out of this process completely. They have warehouses and distribution centers all over, as well as partner courriers and an extensive customer service team, which just makes life so much easier.

If you tried to emulate this model selling on eBay, you'd have to market, ship and handle all your own returns, as well as store your items... It's way too much to think about.

There are other programs out there at your disposal, but Amazon allow us to outsource 50% of our business and they already have MILLIONS of customers going to the site everyday! 


5.0 How Do We Know If The Products Are Selling?

The beauty of Amazon is that there is so much data going around that when you're looking at a product you might want to sell, you can check crucial statistics to se whether it's going to be a winner. This really takes out the element of gambling  when purchasing.

This is where you start to see the magic happen! You'll be able to see if your products are selling with the information Amazon shares with you.

In this video I share with you exactly how you can research products on Amazon to determine what the site is telling us about a particular listing.


6.0 All The Must Have Tools For Online Arbitrage Sourcing?

The next thing you're going to need is all the tools to help you source your first products! There are tools to help you with every element of online arbitrage using FBA. As well as all the statistics Amazon provides, there are third party tools which will help you get a better idea of how much your products will sell for and what volume you can shift.

Some tools are free and some will cost you. However, even though the sound of paying for tools sounds daunting, some can really be worth it

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In this video, I share all the free tools you can download to get started right away.

7.0 Success Interview 1 - Eddie Robertson 

Now you have some insight into how online arbitrage works and how you can get started, I wanted to share with you what can be achieved if you're all in and committed. Eddie's story is similar to mine in how he got started and how he's scaled up over the year.

It's easy to think that these success stories are beyond you, but Eddie is just a normal guy who was committed to making this work, making the dream work and being self-sufficient.

£0 to £1 million in ONE YEAR!

This is what Eddie and his team were able to achieve, which is incredible!

I wanted to include this video here to show you that it's absolutely possible to make life changing money with this model!


8.0 The 3 Phases Of Your Online Arbitrage Business To Manage Your Expectations

These are the three phases I went through in my Online Arbitrage journey.

Now you know how to source, research products and use Amazon FBA it's now a case of managing your expectations. Just like anything, it's all about learning to walk before running.

It's okay to go between these phases but it's a good indicator and reminder of the process.


9.0 The Pain & Struggle Of Sourcing For The First Time. 


I remember when I first began selling on Amazon how excited I was to get some traction and start making money. But there's one problem: SOURCING.

You will encounter problems, ranging from your confidence in your decisions to whether you really understand all the statistics and can be confident your investments will sell.

The pain and struggle of sourcing for the first time stops many people from continuing with the process but I wanted to include this video that I hope will encourage you not to stop!

It will become easier as you put the hours in!


10.0 So How Do You Start Your Online Arbitrage Business From Home? 

Having gone through the process of leaving my job in electrical engineering to starting my online arbitrage business with Amazon FBA, I know you might have concerns and questions on how to start.

If I can do it, you can do it. It takes a bit of grit, but there is nothing stopping you! Running your business from your home may cause some bottlenecks down the line, but by that point, you will be well equipped to deal with them. Check out this video to see what these bottlenecks might be and when they might occur!

Watch this video for some tips for a smooth process.


11.0 How To Best Conduct Sourcing? 

Sourcing can be a major pain and a reason why lots of people don't stick with this business model.

Here I talk you through various software I've used in the past and some tips on sourcing to make your life easier!

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12.0 Online Arbitrage Strategy, Q1 Q&A

I conducted a question and answer section at the start of 2018, filled with great tips to tackle Q1. Even if you're reading this later in Q1 and you're yet to start, it will be super useful to know what's coming at the start of next year!

Look through the questions - all of them will be relevant to you at some point, but some of these are crucial to get your head around now. All relate to the first quarter of the year, but some have a reach of advice way beyond the first three months, especially when starting out.

#1: What Products Do I Buy For My Online Arbitrage Business?

This is a great question for beginners. More seasoned Amazon sellers will know that the broad answer is - absolutely anything and everything that will make a profit. Here I will break it down a little more for you.

I recommend, based on how I started, to start with toys and games. Obviously toys peak in Q4, but don't let that put you off. There are still birthdays in January; including my kids. Do try to diversify as well - when I say anything and everything, I mean it! Just be sure that you are allowed to sell it on Amazon.


#2: What Quantities Should I Purchase For My Online Arbitrage Business?

The second question is an important one. You don't want to go too deep and be left with products that were popular last quarter, but now your data is out of date. The broad answer is that you want to go as wide as possible in Q1, but you want to go as shallow as possible. I will elaborate below!

It's so important to look at what's happening with your products and how you are replenishing. You don't have long to obtain relevant data for Q1 sales projections, and personally, I'd rather have to replenish regularly than have stock hanging around. Our replenishing system really helps us track how our products are moving, so keep yourself informed!

Check out my spreadsheets here - they could make a massive difference for you this Q1


#3: What Tasks Should Be Focused On In My Online Arbitrage Business?

At this time of year, I'm always focusing on my goals for the year. These are going to be different for all of us, depending on what stage we're at with our business. All of us can do this though - find out where you spent the most time last quarter, then work out where the bottlenecks are and how you can spend your time more effectively. Find out more in the video below!

I recommend focusing on your strategy for the coming year. Plant the seeds as early as possible and look at inexpensive services to help alleviate the pressure on you.


#4: Tactical Arbitrage, Sourcing Assistants Or Sourcing Lists?

This all depends on where you are, how much time you have and how much money you have on hand. Find out below about some of the options and what might be right for you and your business.

It's easy to say now I've been doing this for a while, but I would accelerate myself as much as possible to automate the process using a combination of these things. Hopefully you found something in there that applies to you!


#5: Can’t Find Any Products To Sell, What Should I Do?

There will be times in Q1 where it's hard to find products. There's a process to all of it and I've got a couple of tips to help out on how to keep the faith and train yourself to maximise your time!

I strongly believe that all of us should go through the motion of this struggle so we can offer the best advice as we employ people down the line! It's the kind of issue that you will face, and it's best to face it early so you can grow as you progress.


#6: Should I Compete With Amazon On Listings?

This is a great question. You will find products with a fantastic return on investment, but there are massive drawbacks if Amazon is also selling the product.

So there's a lot to think about, especially when it comes to making policies for how you want to run your business.


#7: Is Q1 A Good Time To Start Your Amazon Online Arbitrage Business?

I started in Q3, but with that said, if you start in Q1 then the only way is up!

Q1 isn't just a good time - it's THE time to get started. You get eased into and get the difficulties out of the way before snowballing onto Q4!


#8: What Happens To Sourcing Toys In Q1?

This is a question everybody asks because Q4 is so amazing for toys. So what happens in Q1? Well it's not all bad news. I mentioned it earlier but I go into more depth here.

So there are success stories with toys in Q1; just be careful and be sure to cast a wide net and maybe don't stock up on one product too much.


#9: What Are The Best Seller Rank Guidelines For Different Categories?

Of course, different categories have varying ranks that yield sales. here I'm going to break it down for you. I will also go over some of the idiosyncrasies of sales ranks and how to avoid surprises!

There is lots of information for us to digest regarding sales ranks. Be sure to look in the right places and remember that every sales rank in every category means something different.


#10: Finally Ungated In Health & Beauty, Groceries, What Should I Know?

So you started in toys and games and you've managed to get yourself ungated in some highly profitable categories. Don't forget everything you learned in those earlier categories, but there are new challenges and opportunities to consider.

So this is some extra work, but there are great ways to maximise your profits. The more products you've got, the better!


#11: Long Term Storage Fees In February, What Actions Should I Take?

So we're going into the new year and Amazon are making some changes to their long term storage fees in February. I have some systems in place to share with you to avoid complications later in the year.

So there could be many reasons why you get stuck and it's likely that this will happen to you. You really need to think about what to do if you are in this situation. Don't leave it too late to decide and know what your options are!


#12: Sole Trader To Business Account, What Do I Need To Know?

This is a big one. I myself got into some difficulties because I made the swap without preparing properly. Here's some advice based on my experience!

So it really should have been no big deal, but that's the way it goes sometimes. Always ask Amazon. Be prepared and you won't have any problems.


#13: Can You Start Online Arbitrage From Abroad?

There are a couple of things to know but it might not be as hard as you think.


#14: Is It Worth Selling DVDs & Video Games?

Products like this can be good money makers. I have a couple of examples of things you need to be careful of, but really you should be getting in there.

What are you waiting for? Go for it, just check the finer details!


#15: Once VAT Registered, Do I Modify Spreadsheets To Formulate Margins?

Becoming VAT registered can be a real headache. It makes working out your profits much harder, so be sure you have your margins correct.

Be aware and don't get caught out after the transition!


#16: Should VA's Get End Of Year Bonuses? (13th Month)

This is the last question I have an answer for today. VAs keep our businesses running and this can be a great way to show your appreciation.

So there you have it. That brings us to the end of my Q1 Q&A. All the advice I've given out has been uncovered from my own personal experience. I really hope I've answered some questions that will make Q1 easier for you guys. Thank you again to everyone who sent in questions and thank you for reading/watching my answers.

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And check out the Life Success Accelerator - a great resource which allows you to benefit from my successes and even a couple of failures.

Don't sleep on Q1. Sure, it can be a more challenging time than Q4, but it's worth cracking on, expanding and going through the difficulties that come with that now. By the time Q4 rolls around, you'll be laughing!

13.0 My £1,000,000 Online Arbitrage Machine! 


I want to share with you the system I have implemented in my business and I also teach this as a course to show you how I've gotten to where I am now!

This is a nice kickstart and an injection of inspiration if you're feeling doubtful or overwhelmed about this model! This is what worked for me, so take a look and I bet it won't be as daunting as you're thinking.


14.0 Success Interview 2 – Gareth Thomas (Job To Business Owner In 12 Months)! 

Now you've got a good insight into what it takes to succeed at online arbitrage, I'd like to introduce my brother in-law, Gareth, who, since starting online arbitrage, has really come good and made a success of it. 

I shared all of this advice with him when he was starting out, and I hope it has the same impact for you.

My brother-in-law Gareth shares his experience in leaving his job and becoming a business owner in 12 months.

Another video just to show you anything is possible and some inspiration for you to continue on with your journey.


If You've Started This Journey Already...

I have some spreadsheets that have really helped me in my business, as well as countless others, keep track of inventory and reordering,and they really come in handy when you have a team of VAs helping you source too. Check them out!

I would also like to share this handy video on private label for your business - by far one of the most profitable ways to trade online.



You're All Set

If you're new to the Life Success Engineer website, I'd like to invite you to explore what we have here. It's full of advice which I've practiced in my own like, as well as lessons from some of the greats of the personal productivity world!

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