Willpower Vs Pullpower: Take MASSIVE ACTION Without Feeling Struggle & Forced Effort

Have you really thought about willpower versus pullpower? There’s a big difference!

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Willpower is something that diminishes as we go along. You force yourself to get up, go to the gym, get in front of that laptop and work. Over a long period of time, that’s going to diminish, as it does with all of us.


Pullpower is the complete opposite. No longer is it an effort. Pullpower is what those people who go to the gym for three years, get the body they were looking for and still feel that drive to keep improving are going through.

People with pullpower are driven in a different way to most people. They have a vision and they are being pulled along by it. I want to share with you how you can transfer over to pullpower. Once we no longer have to force ourselves, it creates massive differences in our lives. There’s a big difference in what every day looks like.

Some days, if you’re running from willpower, that’s a struggle. But if you’re waking up with ideas in your mind and a spring in your step, you are being pulled towards your goals and you’re going to flourish. You’re going to have a much happier life.

How do you get there?

There’s a number of things we can do. I’m going to give you some different ideas from what I’ve learned on my own journey. The truth is, when it’s all said and done, we want an experience of happiness. Whatever we’re going for, whether it’s the gym, our business, our relationships, whatever; we want to have experiences that bring us happiness.

We start a business because we think that if we’re successful, that success and quitting our job makes us feel good and like we’ll be happy. On a fundamental level, that is how we get pulled toward something.

So in every moment of your day, where you focus your energy should be something that will make you happy.

If you can understand that you’re trying to get some form of happiness and not trying to attract pain, that makes a big difference. Don’t think of the things you have to give up as being painful, but rather that they’re all part of your ultimate vision of happiness.

Work out what it is that makes you happy

The trouble is that this doesn’t happen easily. When you think of a day to day survival point of view, we need to drink, breathe and eat. All these things are going to make us survive and make us happy that we’re living. But on a bigger scale, in terms of our careers, passions and relationships, these are things that aren’t as clear.

We go through the education system and get told things like you’re good at maths and science – you should become an electrical engineer (as I was told).  I coasted toward that, but once I was there, I realised it wasn’t going to fulfil my ultimate potential of being as happy as I want to. So you’ve got to go through a road of discovery in your own life and really work out what you want to experience in your life.

You have to work out whether you want freedom or you want a career as a lawyer, or whatever. You have to keep in mind the experience that you want to have. Once you know the experience, we can then focus on some vehicles in our life. What I mean by vehicle is what you decide is going to fulfil that happiness.

When we sit down on the sofa and we put on Netflix, the reason we’re doing that is because we know that if we’re just being entertained by a TV program, we know we’re going to have a pleasurable experience.

What we have to do is find that vehicle in our business or our career. In my life, I discovered Amazon and online business. I discovered that I could be at home with my family and still earn more than I’ve ever earned before, as well as fulfilling my idea of happiness by being at home; that all comes from knowing what I wanted and then picking a vehicle.

When it comes to your passion and purpose, don’t try and make it too complicated and unrealistic by saying “I want to visit 121 different countries...” Make it simple. Mine is, I wanted to be at home, I wanted to earn more money than I earn in my job.

If this is your dream, consider things like making videos, sharing what you love to do; you might be into arts or whatever. If I put you on the spot and asked what makes you happy, what would your response be? If you were threatened, all of the things you love would come spewing out.

Where people go wrong is using vehicles that don’t serve their ultimate happiness purpose. This is where frustration and anxiety comes from when it comes to our greater vision.

Start exploring

I recommend you start to explore personal development. You can start by reading biographies and reading what some of the greats have to say. Surrounding yourself with this success opens your mind to what you can achieve. Once you have that reference, you can start to take notes and see how you can apply this stuff in your own life.

Once you start taking these steps, you will get that feeling of excitement. When you go into a retail store and spend a small amount of money on an item, ship it to Amazon and it sells for four times the price, the rush is incredible. Then you just want more and more. It makes you feel happy and excited, and that’s your vehicle.

I hope this helps you start to think about pullpower, because that willpower will dwindle, and when it does, you need something extra strong to pull you along!



What's pulling you forward? Let me know in the comments and keep taking massive action! 🙂

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